The Great John Little Sale

Fri, 5th Dec 08

Thank God Fara told me there's a John Little sale at the Expo last week.

She bought a pram @ just $99 Usual price $169.

Unfortunately, i DO think its wayyyy much too early for me to buy a pram.. but i tot i should check out other baby stuffs.. Plus Zubair needs to expand his wardrobe now that he has to wear smart to work come new year, insya'Allah. (More news on this when its confirmed)

Fortunately or unfortunately, he was late. I had a brief look first to get an idea of what's actually available then waited for him at BK for dinner.

I was told by a family member that its too early to buy baby things bcos there's no space to put. But then again, its also right that we should buy bit by bit (PLUS @ a sale!) so it wont feel too burdensome later.

We saw baby's crib going at a lil over $100.... baby bedsheet... and of cos lotsa rompers n such. In the end, we bought a Bottle Steriliser for 6 bottles @ $69 SnowBear brand, a romper and 2 booties for the baby. ALL BLUE. Decided against buying a $20 Bottle and Food Warmer and a $20+ BPump. Like maybe i should wait and see if i COULD BF in the first place, see.

We both got a pair of shoe @ less than $20each, a Sintex 360 threadcount Quilt Cover bedsheet set @ $58, Crocodile's pants x 2 + shirt totalling $80 and some misc snacks which till now still not opened.

I would say i feel satisfied at having a great deal and like a world of relief swept me over when i get to spend money like it didnt matter. hahahhaa altho it only managed to be soothing for 2 days. Then i started gasping for breath.

Then over the weekend, we managed to arrange the other half of our wardrobe and settled in the 5 tier plastic drawer for baby's toiletries and clothes and one big one for his towels and such. But it seemed messier than when we started!! Another overhaul soon.

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