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This is a journal entry about a 6 month pregnant woman's - my - feat to get a seat in the train during rush hour.

MON, 15/12

I saw the same uncle from last Thurs! I tried to make eye contact while standing in front of him but he was looking the other way and then buried behind the papers. I was hopeful that he would give me a seat again at Yishun like he did last week. But unfortunately, he didnt recognise me and i wasn't wearing a maternity top or i didnt really show, i suppose.

At the other corner, the priority seat was vacated and then filled by a Fit young man. I almost wanted to go over and claimed it but tot it was too dangerous to squeeze my way there while the training was bumping around.

So i stood. and stood. and stood some more. shaking my feet in between because it was hurting so bad. Nobody cared. Everybody closed their eyes.

30min later at Orchard, suddenly the uncle's eyes shot open and he jumped and alighted the train. I relinquished his seat most gladly. Almost too greedily. hehe.

However, it's too late. My Monday was already spoilt. I felt tired thru out the day. Had to resort to taking a nap in the toilet. twice.

TUES, 16/12

It was by some twist of luck that the train i got was fairly empty with lotsa seats. I was seated in no time at all. But i found it very difficult to catch a nap.

WED, 17/12

This morning i reached the platform at 8am. Before that i looked at the board. Train coming in 4min and next one in 6min. Actually im quite late already (by my standard) so i told myself i HAFTA get on the first train that comes.

When it did, other pple behind me overtook me to get to the door even before the train stopped properly! I made a tentative scan of the profile of pple sitting down. Mostly women, dozing men and newspaper reading guys. i cld prolly walk down the carriage till i find a suitable "candidate" to victimize but it wld be troublesome, embarassing and not to mention dangerous.

So i waited for the next one.

From the platform as the train slowed down, i could see there was a vacant seat just next to the door i was waiting. i calmly let passengers alight first and THEN went for the seat. But i saw already another middle aged guy smartly dressed with a laptop case dashed from the other door to the seat i was eyeing. I looked in his general direction with my head held high and absolutely DID NOT hesitate in any body lang TO GET THAT SEAT. He saw me and faltered.

YES! This time i won. Woohooo

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2 glasses of Juice:

Nurulain said...

I think you are really brave. I would never dare ask ppl give up thier seat for me, even if i am in lyk agony hehe. Then again maybe desperate tyms call for desperate measures I guess haha. But its kinda sad huh, having to ask ppl to give up their seats for the more needy. It's lyk the humanity in us have decreased over the years. Hai...

Jussaemon said...

You are totally right. Desperate times call for desperate measures definitely.