Fish & Co!!!!!

Thursday 4th Dec.

I read from a friend's website about "Muslim-Friendly" restaurants in Singapore that's not necessarily certified and i was sooooooooo glad that FISH & CO is one of them!!!

There was a time when Zubair was newly here and he asked to eat at Fish & Co. Despite my whole body yearning for some of their food, i fought the urge and told him, "No, we can't. What if they fry using Pig Oil?" Lol.

My friend was quick to add how she concluded this place as Muslim Friendly:

Just to share, I personally met the founder/owner of Fish and Co at an
entrepreneurship seminar back in Uni, and he assured that strictly follows halal
requirements except for the fact that his outlets sell liquor.

He shared the Muslim market is important to him so his alternative strategy is to employ Muslim employees who can do the word-of-mouth validation for him to customers.

And its true, there’s always more than a handful of them around.
But like I said, info is only to the best of my (limited) knowledge, so you may want to get reassurance from the staff if you do decide to dine at these places. Strictly
seafood outlets like Fish n Co are necessarily foolproof all the time; I remember getting the shock of my life after 2 days of happily eating great fish n chips in San Francisco, turns out most outlets use beer-battered fish!

Ok i risk sounding country bumpkin-ish but the knife's unique! ahahah

So the very next evening, me and Zubair went to their best outlet at Park Mall, fondly called the Glasshouse. We were there pretty early and the crowd was non existent so we had EXCELLENT service attention. However, the downside was the washroom was under maintenance so i had to go to the main shopping center's facility and one level up at that. Ergh.

I wondered why they needed to have this special fish-bone placemat

I took so long to go to the loo that my soup got cold when i returned and the very proactive and sensitive waiter offered to reheat the soup. Damn. I forgot to give him a fish bone for his individual service.

We had Fish Chowder for starters. I was a bit apprehensive about having FISH Soup lah so called but to my delight, it didnt taste Fishy AT ALL!! Its just as creamy and as nice as mushroom soup only better!

I tell you i cant take a good photo nowadays with the weight im putting on

Nor can i smile like i used to - with teeth showing - it will make my nose look SO BLOODY ROUND!

Another appetiser - FRIED CALAMARI

I wanted to order the Seafood platter, but was afraid it might be too much so ordered Calamari instead. A few min later, it finally struck me that Zubair doesnt really eat squid. So we had to send them packing. Hmmm well ... its nice... but its not really the kind of calamari i like... i love with more batter. The crispier the better. But it did taste nice.

Mine - Danish Fish & Chips

They had a special $10 nett promotion for their 10th anniversary with special Fish & Chips menu. One of them being this Danish Fish & Chips with OOOOOOOOZing Mozarella cheese!!!! Now this is the Fish & Chips with cheese ive been dreaming about!!! I've only been taking the one @ Fig & Olive's with half slice of Cheddar cheese on top, so i can tell you this one is HEAVEN!

Zubair's Something Ginza Salmon.

Naturally, he'd prefer to eat them with rice and it looks yummy - the rice i mean. But when he fed me some, i felt it was tasteless. Then again i'm not a very fishy person UNLESS its deep fried. Zubair the Salmon lover enjoyed it tremendously.

After finishing the soup and fries, I cldn't finish the Fish nor the Calamari so we had to pack it. Later that night when we reheated it, it was still as nice as ever, ok!!

The following day, i described my exp to the friend who recommended me this place in the first place. Suddenly she had a craving for it, and the two of us crazy Preggers went for an impromptu lunch @ Suntec City outlet.
I'm a happy girl. ... (Or should i start considering myself as a woman?)

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6 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good experience with them. The last time my friends and I went to The Glasshouse for Fish & Co., the service was terrible! It was partly our fault, because the restaurant was full that day, there were no seats left, and we didn't book a table. There was a line outside, and we had to wait for close to half and hour.

When we were finally at the door, the floor manager apologized, saying that they were full. He however, got a table reserved for us and had us on the waiting list. We waited for another hour, and right in front of us, he served our "reserved" table to another customer behind us! I was so mad, we left immediately. My friends and I ended up eating at Plaza Singapura instead.

The floor manager could have at least apologized to us, and gave us drinks or something. How unfortunate. Glad you enjoyed your visit to Fish & Co. and I hope I can dine there soon.

Jussaemon said...

Oh nooo that's terrible!! You guys must have been dead hungry by then sey! But have u actually got to dine there (or any other outlet)at another time?

Just a few more days now..

Nisa AK said...

which reminds me that i havent had fish in my diet for the past 3 mths!! very bad i know but i'm just not a fishy person (pun intended :P)

Sandra said...

Danish fish stuffed with cheese... sounds wonderful! I am also a salmon lover and it is so good for you. And yes, being married and pregnant you are definitely a woman. I know head scarves are for religious purposes, but I think they look so elegant, making any face they surround beautiful. Are you going to find out if you are having a boy or girl?


Jussaemon said...

Nisa... Nonsense. ur poor boy is now protein deficient. or whatever it is that fish has.

Jussaemon said...

Salmon's good for me? Hmmm
*thinking about salmonella just to be excused from eating it. hehehe*

That is so sweet of you Sandra.

I've found out already the gender but im not allowed to announce on blog =(