DNH Consultants

3 weeks ago, i called up this Consultancy company.

At first, i wanted to know if they can help me write up the Business Plan for our partnership. Apparently, they can help with the WHOLE PROCESS of foreigners setting up their businesses in Singapore. Or another way to put it: All or nothing.


$1,000 for doing and submitting the paperworks which includes doing up the Plan as well as filling in the form for the EntrePass which will enable the foreigner to work in Singapore.

$2,500 after approval from MOM and ACRA which includes registration of the business in itself. (Cost about $100 for a foreigner to register on his own with another singaporean partner)

The kind man warned me though that if the first application was rejected, chances of appeal and/or subsequent application would be very low. In other words, its CRUCIAL to get it right the first time round.

He was very initiative though. He asked me other questions to understand more about our situation. When he gotta know that Zubair was holding a Work Permit, he said the chance might be low if we go thru the Partnership route and explored other ways to do it.

First, he suggested that we apply for PRship straight away. Traditionally, we would wait about 6 months in the same employment and then had to get the employer to sponsor the application. However, this guy said that he can help us submit a convincing application at a fee of $1,000 (irregardless of outcome) without having to wait 6 months nor getting the employer to sponsor.

Hmmm... sounds interesting to our desperate minds back then.

Then he started to look at yet another angle. He found out that im pregnant due in Mar 09. So he said just wait till the baby's here then we can submit the PR application. With 2 points of support ie Child and Spouse are Singaporeans, the chance of approval is higher.

Although in the end, the result is still the same (ie we hafta wait till the baby's born), i feel very highly satisfied having had this 8min teleconversation with a Kadir from DNH Consultants.

1. I finally got Z off my back to do the Business Plan.

Mind you, its not cos i dont care... but i feel that its soooooo difficult for ME to write something convincing about a business i dont have a passion for.

2. I spoke to somebody VERY knowledgeable and got answers ON THE SPOT.

It was a sharp highly intelligent conversation hahaha (not from my part tho). Me asking Qns, he answered promptly. I like it. Makes me feel like i can depend on them... on somebody ... anybody... in this screwed up world of complicated visas and such.

He IS right though. After getting the PRship, it would be a BREEZE to open the partnership THEN. No need to apply thru MOM for this entrepass shit, things like tt. We wont even need to hire professionals to do it, we can DIY.

The heartwarming part about this phone call is that, he very early pre-amped (is this the right word?) me that he was going to Haj for a month and will only be back in Jan 09. and also when he asked how i gotta know his company, i said from your prayer time table i pasted on my work desk, he said, "Oh that's nice." It made me feel like, "Ok.. I can certainly trust this guy."

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2 glasses of Juice:

rina ruzanna said...

it's pre-empted dear.

anyway, good to know that 2009 is looking much brighter already! :)

hopefully all goes well, insyaallah.

Jussaemon said...

LOL *blush* No wonder i thought why does it sound funny and i can't find in hahahha paisei paisei