Movie Disaster

It was close to 5:30pm when Ash and I decided to watch a movie. So i booked the tickets online.

It was as though a force was stopping me from buying the tickets because i keyed in my debit card details TWICE but the site told me the card has expired. That was impossible cos i just used it the day before. So i tried another card and it returned the same thing! I was sooo puzzled.

I then suddenly realised that in my haste, i entered the wrong exp date. I dont know what came over me. I Finally got all the card details right. But i still didnt feel good (rasa tak sedap) about something. Felt like something is still wrong, like i moved thru the site so fast. I gave it a once over and tot it was correct. Bedtime Stories, 2 tickets, 7:40pm.

Now it was 7:30pm. Ash called me to come out. I rushed and rushed and rushed like mad to walk over to Causeway POint. It was already 7:45pm when i collected my tickets. Only to be told, "YOUR TICKET IS FOR TMRW!!!!!!!!!"


I can't believe it! The one thing that i didnt check was the DATE of the movie. I suppose i felt something was awry when the ticket i bought cost $10 each when it's actually a weekday night. I dismissed it thinking maybe cos its a sneak preview.

Then i recalled that i saw only one day of show timing for this movie and it said WED. I clearly saw it was WED. But what selenger me didn't realise was, Yesterday was NOT WED... it was TUESDAY! SELENGENYE JULISSAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

Thank God Ash wasn't mad. But that is only bcos she hasnt paid for it!!! Humph :P

So i frantically sent out an sms to 5 or 6 of my contacts whom i tot might be interested and convenient for them to go to Causeway Point to buy my tickets as both me and Ash cldnt make it for that date. Nobody replied.

Luckily Ash gave me an idea. Before my class at 7:30pm, I can go to the ticket counter and approach pple to buy my tickets. Definitely they're there to buy one and as exp has it, Pple who Q to buy tickets will get very lousy seats and mine was 2nd row from the back. Surely somebody would want it.

However, very fortunately, im on half day on Xmas eve, so i decided to try my luck and ask my student if i can come over in the afternoon. This morning she replied me with a positive!

In a way, im relieved that i dont hafta approach strangers and "sell" my tickets. On the other hand, i'm $21 poorer instead of just $10.50 if i were to share with Ash. Oh well. that's the price to pay for not checking your work!

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