Pregnancy Ailments

While some say that the morning sickness are still early to show up others are bewildered that im not having any of it just yet.

Well to be honest, not nothing totally.

So these are the changes that i've experienced so far:

  1. One min i had No mood to eat, the next i was raving hungry!
  2. i dont know whether its the weather or its really me but im really getting the heat now. Never cold in the office no more.
  3. I just discovered this on the way home yesterday. I get headaches reading in the TRAIN!!! the train!! can u imagine that??!?!?!?!
  4. I still have abdominal cramps. From what i read its the uterus expanding and contracting so no need to worry there
  5. I need to go the toilet like half an hour each time when i drink a lot!!! Sleeping is never peaceful now. If i ignore the urge to P, then... well... i will get it! haha
  6. Of course i am more emotionally sensitive now but Z just discounted my feelings for manja-ness / pampered-ness. He kept saying that i hafta be brave. Other pple also pregnant but they dont cry so much. GGGGRRRRRRRRRRR.

So there.

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7 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

apparently, i also didnt get the morning sickness. in the entire pregnancy, i dont remember throwing up. what i had in the 1st trimester was the sebu-sebu feeling/ heartburn...2nd trimester was great alhamdulillah...swimming in the pool and sea...and walking and teeny weeny bit of hiking...3rd trimester was all about feeling tired and waiting waiting waiting heh...

Anonymous said...

welcome to the no throwing up pregnancy club :) i didnt experience morning sickness either, and was already reminded by friends and family how lucky i am and how grateful i should be. and indeed we should be grateful... many others suffer quite badly due to morning sickness, to the extent of being hospitalised or bed-ridden. save our MCs for the more tiring period later in the 3rd sem... dun take MC too much now k Jus? must show employer that us lady employees are not a burden!

the body is working harder, u have higher metabolic rate, so that explains the frequent hunger pangs (u must carry granola bars around) and also feeling hot. one of the pregnancy hormones are also responsible for the motion sickness, i used to feel nauseas alot when i took the car, bus or train. and i'd be burping non-stop once i get off.

gas was another problem that i had and also caused by the hormones. hope u wont have it cos its really unpleasant! very difficult when u have to sit through meetings all day!

Fahim's Blog said...

Check out the world population Clock:

The total population of the world as of 6th Aug, 2008 was 6,714,924,019. All these people are live examples of the fact it is a doable task. Furthermore it is MORE of your future kids and NOT THAT MUCH of your husband who have to acknowledge the experience you are going to go through. No wonder Rasoolallah said:
"Heaven is below the feet of your mother".

Now most of wives mistake that it is the wife and NOT the mother under whose feet lies the key to the heaven for her husband :P~

Jussaemon said...

Mah... Agaknye sebu2 tu adalah jugak. Yeah i wanna go snorkelling actually!!! hahah but my sis say jgn merepeQ. Yeah lah u always the adventurous / lasak one mini hiking / trekking no problem one.

Already dreading the 3rd trimester. hehe

Jussaemon said...

Butterfly, yeah i had one colleague who kept on vomitting non stop and cant eat even a single thing for like 4 months or so. had to be supported to walk on the way to work also. Some more her employer still got red eye. Apa sajer sak.

Save my MC? After my next check up, there's none to be saved already! i spent 10 days nursing my wrist injury earlier this year, remember?

hahah yeah i feel that i fart a lot these days but luckily only at home. Clever bowels. LOL

Yeah i got some snacks in my drawer... but after some time they dont look appetising enough.

Jussaemon said...

heheh Fahim Bhai. I see u feel strongly about this topic.

You See... being a woman very difficult! Hafta go thru menses, pregnancy, labour, some more still have to go to work and cook and educate the children! So we deserve some support (read: pamperedness) from husbands!

Suryati Shariff said...

hey babe! First trimester is going to breeze by easily then for ya! inshallah... alhamdullilah I had an easy time too throughtout my pregnancy... No complains except the occasional bloatedness and now experiencing swelling on my feet and tummy is getting heavier! hehe... the best time is 2nd trimester when the dad can get involve e.g experiencing first kicks etc..Hope you enjoy your pregnancy as much as u can.. it is a memorable experience I guarantee you that! lol I'm just waiting for the baby to pop now... suddenly this is really like the longest stretch!!!!! hehe...