No Job is Perfect

I have been working for 7 years in my life now and if its not one thing, its the other thing that is not really right in the office.


My first job at ZM was tough and lowly paid, not to mention Dirty. Everyday my body itched from seeing ants walking on my desk!!! and will smell of sausage on the way home. The big boss was extremely FIERCE n stingy.

If there's anything i can reminisce about that place is some of the nice friends i made over there. Only 1 person i cannot tahan. She had a laser of a mouth! But that's all past now and forgotten.

BIGGEST lesson i've learnt after leaving: to take down instructions on paper so as not to forget it!


I was excited finally getting a proper air con office in town after 3 years slaving at a factory.

However, i missed typing invoices quickly in such monotonous way i cld have done them with my eyes closed! But soon i was a master of all the product plans offered by two insurance companies and know my way around in just 6 months.

If i thought that my previous was fierce, then this TWO new ones are even worse, but in a totally different way. At least that previous one is not my direct boss and was just menacing without actually doing anything except scold the managers and throw a sausage or two.

These new ones? Well they are nice really... but just demanding and SUPER particular. I suppose, i was the naive one and SOFT. I didnt know what to expect nor how to handle situations. I was still very new to the corporate world, haven't seen diff diff kinds of pple havent spent my 12 yrs of education in the same sch with the same pple my whole life.

Valuable lessons i've learnt: How to ask questions. Or rather, anticipate what ur boss would ask you and make sure u ask that person you're talking to before u revert to the boss! I really appreciate this skill that i picked up :D

Another thing i will always remember after working there for 2 years is my lovely colleagues. All of us secretaries serve different bosses. So it was no problem bitching about them and comparing our salaries! hahahaha it was so fun... lunching with them... MSN was also no problem.

Good thing about this job is, before even 2 years, i was being promoted as Admin Executive, from Admin Asst. Ok it was only in name and the salary didnt really increase much but its the acknowledgement that i've served them long is what i appreciate.


It's been 2 years now. I'm happy with my Super nice angmoh male boss. I'm happy with the benefits im getting (its not really a big a deal as i heard other financial companies offer even better, but well im not greedy.... yet. LOL) and im happy with what i've done with my cubicle.

Also, i LOVE my Rec Club formation this year.

So what's making me doubt my stay in this organisation?

  1. sadly, my dept colleagues are by VERY VERY VERY far my friends
  2. some of them even like to peer into what im doing as thought THEY are my boss when my own boss trusts me to do the job on time n properly.
  3. Sure i get annual increment like 5%.. bonuses and 2 months AWF... but how come i havent got promoted yet? I wanna be something! Now a Grade 5 Admin Asst... Isnt there a Grade 6 or something?
  4. Even after 2 years, i dont really know who are our clients, what are our products as they are out of my job scope. I have a vague picture but not proficient enough to explain it to another friend or acquaintance if they were to ask. Sad, huh?
  5. All my favourite websites are BLOCKED!!!!!

So while i got a better remuneration package, the invaluable things like friends and sense of satisfaction are lacking.

I dont really wanna move bcos i dont wanna start all over again and im aiming to get that 21days leave after 5 years of service! hahaa 3 more to go!

But yeah if there's a right offer from MAS *wink wink*, i will surely grab it.

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2 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

actually, sounds like you already have a good deal. i rank a good (and nurturing boss) as top on my list for a good job, followed by renumeration, being challenged and good colleagues. and i say colleagues, not friends. to me you don't really need friend at work, just people you work well with. i only have 1 person i can call a friend at the office (ie go with for lunch on my down days, confide in work probs with) and i think thats enough. people with friendships at work tend to be happier on the surface i agree but it adds a while social dynamic to the job, which i personally dun need.

if you dun feel engaged/challenged, a new job may not necessarily be the immediate thing to consider. you may want to feedback to your boss that you are ready to take on new responsibilities, and ask him if he thinks you are ready. if he thinks you're not, him telling you why will be a good learning process. most good bosses want their employees challenged and also achieve professional growth, so they can better contribute to the company. there are officers at my place who started off being admin assistants, but because they work hard they actually worked their way up and get the org to sponsor their diploma, degree, and give them opportunities to try new challenges.

insyaAllah, if we always strive to improve ourselves, as encouraged by our Deen, any employer will be lucky to have us :)

Jussaemon said...

during every review, my boss DID acknowledge my need for being challenged and each time said he's looking into giving me some new tasks and stuffs. Well yeah there are some but i think im getting tired of Admin work?

I shan't say a colleague who peers over ur desk, who ask after every 30min if the thing he/she has just given me is done, or taps my glass panel to get my attention, or indirectly asks me to wash their cups when my own boss washes his own good colleagues.

i AM interested in this Diploma in General Insurance & Risk Mgt that will lead to ACII, a distinguished cert in the industry. BUt as my HR pointed out on a personal basis, that im pregnant now and so....

Unlike you, i fall into a category whose only social contact is from sch and work, i NEED friends in the office man~ Nevermind thank god i have a handful from other depts.