I am doing an archiving exercise in the office.

I transfer the papers from PVC 3" Arch file to a Paper file, put a band around it then stuff them in the Cisco Recall boxes.

A colleague saw this and commented, "You transfer to paper file ah? I think its a waste of resources"

Me: Its less than $0.50 each

Coll: Yeah i just dont see why you hafta transfer to paper file. Just tie it with a (some string i cant remember the name).

Me: But they will become dogeared after a while

Coll: What's that?

Me: Dogeared. As in the paper will get ruffled over time?

Coll: But to be honest, how often would you browse thru the archives?

ME in my heart: Well in my opinion, it'd be dead messy if u dont put in paper file. Anyways, why should we be pennywise pound foolish?

In our own way, both of us are right of course. But since I'M the one doing the archiving, the method is up to me, right?!

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