A Tour Around Singapore

We went out from the house to go to work at 7:35am this morning. (slightly earlier than usual)

But u know what time i reached the office? 9:20am!!! Close to 2 hours on the road!!

At first when we came out from the carpark, there was an exceptionally long queue to turn to the expressway. Ayah said, "Oh i think there's some road construction. Should go via PIE instead." so he made one big left turn to the other side of town to the PIE entrance. BUt as it turned out, there was an even LONGER and SLOWER queue to the PIE.

I closed my eyes. Dont wanna get stressed. But i could hear Ayah sighing. Poor Ayah.

Next time i opened my eyes, i could see some mrt tunnel or something... Where are we? Definitely not in expressway...

Few minutes later i saw... Clementi Road.... then Dunearn... Eng neo then finally Bkt Timah... it was already 9am and Ayah's supposed to start at 8:30am! I msged my manager i'd be in slightly late. maybe another 20min.

After an 1hr nap, i was wide awake. BUT nauseous! This is like the 2nd time i felt nauseous in my 8 weeks pregnancy. So giddy from the turnings and the zig zagging... the move stop move stop.. I ate some of my raisin bread... Maybe it worked slightly by taking my mind off the road. But the sweetness made me wanna puke some.

I could even taste the salty saliva that usually comes before the real upheaval. Thank God i managed to psycho myself not to throw up.

Now that we've reached Tekkah.. i know its just a mattter of time before i reached the office.

When i got down, i quickly bought something spicy. my fav SIEW MAI!!!

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4 glasses of Juice:

N said...

Have some crackers in the bag with you and take little bites. Hunger often brings on the nausea. Things that you cant smell usually works much better. At least in my case.

Jussaemon said...

OH yeah i totally forgot my dad has some sour fruit in the glove compartment. Alamak! Sayang lah.

Nisa AK said...

poor gal, i can still recall the trauma of travelling in confined vehicles when i was pregnant!
my mode of transportation was only motorbike. If my husband had a bicycle, i wud have settle for that too LOLZ, i just kinda imagined us going around sg like p ramlee and saloma hahaha

Jussaemon said...

funny u had a trauma for travelling in cars but no fear to ride a motorbike! I would have thought the latter is more dangerous?