May Day May Day! Scrabulous is Closed!

I repeated Scrabulous is Closed! May Day May Day!

Scrabulous has been disabled for US and Canadian users since end of July thereabout but we in Singapore were still able to access it. That is until last Fri 22nd Aug.

MY RATINGS!!! My leading games all gone to waste!! When i logged in Facebook, seems soo... quiet and empty... i stayed less than 1min. No reason to linger around there no more.

When i tried to google what happened to Scrabulous... i saw the headline that they made a come back as WordScraper now. While the settings, out look all remained the same, the game is now more of Literati than Scrabble with the 3W and 3L at diff places. Worse is nobody seems to be playing cos i hosted and tried to join open tables, all returned ZILCH.

There's also Scrabble for Worldwide other than US and Canada. Unfortunately i dont have the latest Flash Player or something that i couldn't load the bugger. My Sis is saying its super nice and making me all jlos.

Oh well... the current game im hooked with is Sudoku. My 2nd sis reignited my interest in Sudoku when i showed her how to play Puzzle Level 5. Now i'm printing off Evil Puzzles on to exercise my brain.

So... BRB. hehe

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5 glasses of Juice:

B said...

how did you survive your night without scrabulous?

Anonymous said...

hello, i really need to contact a regular scrab user who is upset about this whole thing.could u drop me an email(preferably with yr contact) at i'll explain more when i talk to u(something to do with writing an article). thanks!

Jussaemon said...

its not my night that's in Question but my day! So i had to appease my brain with Sudoku instead.

nadia said...

I didn't notice scrabulous was gone, until you mentioned it here. I didn't even got the chance to win yet; that game that we had last month, that was my first and last :(

Jussaemon said...

heheh Nadia... Then you hafta add Scrabble Worldwide to get ur chance to win. u can play with the general public also no need to wait for me to start a board. hee :D hope to get u hooked~ hehe