Belly Dancing

Yesterday was the first class of Belly Dancing.

I know i'm so stubborn on going for it while others had expressed concerns, esp during the crucial tender period of the first trimester.

However, the doctor did say that if its not vigorous, why not? I asked what is vigorous. She said something like mountain climbing?

And guess what? Its not anything jumpy at all. it involves a lot of isolated swaying of body parts. ie hands and hips. The movements are all very gentle as belly dancing should be. And of course because we are beginners, its all slow motion.

We've learnt the Hip lifts, Hip Drops and Snake Arms. Let me tell you, my arm coordination is already haywire since the wrist injury and it looked all..... FROZEN (as in kaku) when i try to sway them in opp direction. Really cannot make it.

I have mixed feeling when she played the song. Its the glorious and most popular Nuril Ain Arabic song. Cos im so familiar with this song, i could groove to it and maybe even sing along. But i feel like this song is being prostituted with this dance. Maybe its just me.

But i sure am glad when the instructor said that thru out these 6 weeks, she'll be adding moves along from the same song and by the end of it, we'll be able to dance thru the WHOLE song.

Now about the instructor. She's definitely not local. Her accent sounded Turkish but she has Blonde hair! Is that possible? She's a bit queer. She is slim and everything but but she did the hip lifts and hip drops, the muscles jiggled. hehe

So since i have the song in my computer, im gonna upload it to my hp and practise in front of the mirror. I really need to work on the snake arms. Just one thing i regret. Making the wrong move when the instructor was observing us. Sheesh. She must think im stupid not knowing how to differentiate between hip lift and hip drops.

Anyways, im soooooooooooo looking forward to more of this class!

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3 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed your belly dancing classes. I think that much 'exercise' is actually good for you. Drink lots of water :)

Anonymous said...

Turkish ppl don't only come ready made with black hair :)

Suryati Shariff said...

lol there are Turks who have blonde hair...NATURALLY...

My hubby's cousin who are of Afghan origin have blue eyes and blonde hair too! its not really true that only the whites have the privilege of blonde hairs.. :)