Karaoke: Club 7 VS Cash Studio

The day for another karaoke session at Ayah's office finally came.

It took so long cos the room was always booked, we had to wait for more than 4 weeks! But the wait was all worth while. Cos we got the bigger room this time. very spacious!

This time, invited guests were Cik Girl (my mum's youngest sister) and of course, Cousin Yayan.

Thankfully, Ayah helped to make a video of Me and Zubair singing Yang Tersayang. Zubair LOVES this song. The only malay song thus far that he likes, listens to almost everyday. But last fri was the first time he tried to sing it properly. His diction is very nice and clear except for a few confusion in pronounciation like the word DEMI becomes more like DIMI but considering that its his FIRST time singing, it was like a A Star!

We had the room from 6 - 10pm. It wasn't enough!! Bcos some of them reach very late. And then we break for prayer... dinner... So guess what? Since the night was still young, we continued the momentum at Cash Studio two NEL stops away.

Over there, we sang for another 3 hours ending at 2am. Zubair got to sing a lot of Hindi songs. But some of them we had to SKIP bcos of the disgusting home made Video. ERGH! But we had a lot of fun singing ISABELLA '98. I was Amy, Cik Girl sang Jamal, Yayan became Saleem and Long Zamani. We had to repeat it a lot of times cos we got confused about whose turn it was to sing! LOL

Let me then conclude with a summary of the pros and cons of both places

Club 7


  1. CHEAP. less than $10 per hour
  2. Great cheap food Max $4.50 for a big serving of seafood spaghetti or chicken chop...
  3. Clean toilets with jet spray
  4. Other facilities like pool table, etc


  1. Long waiting list to book the room
  2. Quite inaccessible though nearest MRT in lil India.
  3. Not so good Microphone

Cash Studio


  1. More Songs and latest ones too
  2. Can save favourites
  3. Quite central location
  4. Opens till 3 or 4am
  5. Night Rider bus stop very near


  1. FREAKING EXPENSIVE!!!! Total for 3 hours for 5 pax was $80!!!! *FAINT*
  2. People actually smoke in there!!!
  3. TOILET IS DISGUSTING!!!! Thankfully they're gonna move to Cuppage soon but that's in ORCHARD. YUCKS
  4. Most of the videos are CIPLAK (pirated) and distasteful.

If you ask me which place would i visit again, it would hafta be Club 7.

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9 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

Aww, Jus...that was absolutely sweet!

Jussaemon said...

heheh yes it was... esp bcos its a MALAY song, a lang which he doesnt know much yet but he made all the effort!

Anonymous said...

Z likes dangdut eh? khekkhekhekhe...

Z sungguh berfeeling-feeling, cam bollywood! LOL

great duet btw!


Anonymous said...


Ur post is useful & a lot of good info. I have not been to Club 7.

Yes Cash studio has a good selection of songs.

Recently i went to Partyworld & surprisingly discovered they had a lot of latest songs too like peterpan's latest album "Hari Yang Cerah" (i like peterpan songs & other indorock like ungu etc)

Did u mean the Cash studio at Ming Arcade orchard is going to move to cuppage area?


Jussaemon said...

Wana, itulah dangdut a bit bollywood-ish lah right. Feeling habis member!

Jussaemon said...


Club 7 is the recreational extension of LTA. I think u need to know to know somebody who works there to be able to get a booking =)

Oh yeah Peter Pan rocks. But very diff for girls to sing~ hehe low key and all. My sisters and i dont really like PartyWorld cos its a bit, if there is such a word. Cash Studio is more family oriented, so my sis said but i still dont feel very comfortable there.

Not Ming Arcade, the one at Apollo centre is closing and shifting to Cuppage.

Unknown said...

Hi come join our Karaoke Kakis group on facebook:)

Tehijau said...


may i know where is this club 7? do you have their number? Thanks!

Jussaemon said...

Tehijau.. like i already wrote in previous comment, Club 7 is LTA's clubhouse. You'd need to know a staff there to be able to make a booking.