OMG! Was that a Pick Up Line?

We just finished lunch at Sakura, Yishun.

Zubair is supposed to head down to Chinatown but i begged him to accompany me in the train ride home 3 stations away. Thankfully he agreed although that means he has to go up and back down again to Yishun, wasting about 25min.

So i walked the 5min track home alone. Just as i exited from the MRT. A guy, in his late 20s, i'd say, clad in Malay Baju Kurung holding a folder filled with $2 notes, greeted me with a Salam asking if i'd like to donate to a Needy Children's Charity.

Guy: Hal Anti minal Madrasah? (Are you from Madrasah / islamic sch?)
Me: *nodding* (while I'm not exactly IN madrasah, im a graduate from there.)
Guy: Ayyi madrasah? (which islamic sch?)
Me: Ma'arif
Guy: Oh Ma'arif

I dropped a note and started to move.

Guy: Mas muki? (what's your name?)
Me: Julissa
Guy: Oh Julissa. Ana Irwan Shah (I'm Irwan Shah)
Me: Ok *and walks away*
Guy: OK

I bet this wouldn't have happened if Zubair was with me.

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8 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

One hot sexy mama!!!

Anonymous said...

One Hot Sexy Mama!!!

Zubair, better treat Jus good or ...

Anonymous said...

Ya Ukhti Julissa. MashaAllah, Antee AZaojukal Mukhlisah.

Sandra said...

I just watched the video of you and Z singing, soo nice to hear your voice! I assume it is a romantic song? You can show it to your baby when he or she is born. "mom and dad singing while you were in my tummy!"

Looks like you had a fun date with hubbie.

Jussaemon said...

Anon, were u trying to say that im a good wife? My Arabic is rusty already lah and not as advanced as yours. Hmmm I sure dont feel like a good wife after giving strangers my name! LOL

Jussaemon said...


It was a romantic song alright.

Now not only can u put a face to a name, you can place the voice to the face as well! LOL.

Yup this video is very precious! Something i would treasure till i die. hehe... yeah it was the funnest date of all! I was actually blushing! no kidding.

Suryati Shariff said...

wow so romantic!! hehe... hmm looks like you're gonna have a singing baby as well! it runs in the family eh? ;) sing-pak idol?? hehe

Jussaemon said...

heheheh thank u thank u. Just hope he or esp if its a SHE wont sing for a living.