Pregnancy Becomes Me

I think i'm just overreacting, after all im only 9weeks pregnant. BUT!

I cant help feeling tired. Just ferrying arch files from my colleague on a ladder to the table is already causing some backaches.

I can't take bland/sweet food (excl choc... i think). This morning i had Fried Red Bean Pao and now my throat is throbbing and my insides feel like sprouting out like volcano.

Last night, I couldn't even stomach the idea of having Fish Soup for dinner. Zubair and I had a very long thought of what spicy food to eat at Causeway Point. I want something spicy like TOM YAM!!!! yummyy... but there's no good one at CwP and we've just been to Sakura on the weekend. Siam Kitchen's not so spicy also. Banquet? NOOOO....

In the end, we settled for McSpicy at McDonalds for him and McWings for me cos i definitely cant finish the whole burger + fries do. To compensate for the lack of Buns on McWings, i upsized my meal and almost couldn't finish the fries. Almost. haha =)

Anyway, the MC outlet at Civic Centre is not very big, couple with quite a handful of selfish people who just "hang around" occupying like 5 tables giving TUITION lah... Insurance advice lah... project discussion lah... or simple chit chatting.

Zubair and i had to wait some 5 min to finally get a table out at the al fresco dining. GRRRRR
Sure you can hang out at Mcs... but be considerate lah.. find a quieter outlet or something. This student teacher pair in the picture above didnt even order ANY FOOD! Even had the cheek to drink something not of Mc's!
I felt like complaining to the manager, but i was just too famished. After 30min or so they were gone.
Talk about a graceless society!

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5 glasses of Juice:

Maharani_Az said...
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Maharani_Az said...

JuS...the fact that you're only 9 weeks and in your first trimester LAH yg make you very tired...
i guess pregnant ladies generally are most tired in their 1st (i guess from all the sudden hormonal changes and sudden 'new' additional work the body needs to do) and 3rd (because of the size and weight hihi) trimesters... I remember feeling very very lethargic almost every morning in my first trimester...bercinta benar nak go to work...

2nd trimester was the best! hehehe... have the zest to go for long walks and swims...

Oh yeah!... similar like you, and many others, fish also really turned me off, despite my being a fish lover before pregnancy...and spicy food opened my appetite... also, I extra liked bananas and potatoes during my pregnancy hehheh...

wonderful isn't it, the pregnancy journey? maasyaaAllah =)

Anonymous said...

yeah jus, 1st tri u get tired easily and sleepy too (for me atleast! haha)

2nd tri is the honeymoon period.

3rd tri - heavy, walk like a penguin, tired, breathless etc


N said...

1st trimester is tough. Sleepy, nausea, tiredness, dizzy, sensitive to smell, cravings etc.

It gets better after the 14 weeks, so the look forward to that.

Jussaemon said...

Ohhh i see i see... I dismissed them as being manja bcos apart from these, i dont feel pregnant at all! Can't wait to go for my check up next fri!