Old Wives' Tales on Pregnancy

Ok so i dont know anything about this as i've never bothered to before.

I only knew one should avoid taking pineapples if you're pregnant. And this is from a Chinese Drama from yesteryears where Zoe Tay's character was pregnant out of wedlock and was anxiously trying to abort it the "natural way"

I just gotta know a few days ago... from Sue's blog was it? that a pregnant mom should also avoid watching animal programmes. Likewise, our Night Safari's outing has been cancelled.

Also.. Mulut jangan Celupar. As in take care what you say and dont comment on stuffs unthinkingly. Eg: OMG So black this person. Lest ur child would be dark too even tho the parents are as bright as day.

Can you guys help me to think to anything else?

Or suggest what type of food is best to take when pregnant Eg: Milk (i dont really drink milk but can take strawberry or choc milk haha...)

And what food i should avoid. Eg: Pineapple and my lovely FAST FOODS!!!

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4 glasses of Juice:

norza said...

congrats on ur first pregnancy. i believe that moderation is best. juz make sure you have a balanced diet and cut down fast food intake. even too much milk can be harmful to baby's growth. im drinking meiji's strawberry milk occasionally. asalkan susu...ok lah. :P

you can chk out for related issues. and also join the mummies at really useful info you can get. good luck!

btw do chk out polyclinic's rate for whatever scans you're going. polyclinic may sound cheap initially...but it can eventually add up to quite a lot.

Anonymous said...

Salam Jus,

Eat and drink whatever you want but at a moderation. You should eat little but at regular basis like 6 times a day. Try not to eat like 2-3 plates at one go.

In regards to hospital charges, we can use medisave for hospital stay. Other than that all are in cash. Depends on which bed you choose. For 5 & 6 bedded room, you dont have to pay deposit. Most private hospitals, you need to pay cash deposits which can come up as much as $2000.

If you are referred by polyclinic to public hospitals (KKH, SGH, NUH), medical charges are subsided except for non-standard medicines. It can come up a lot too eventhough they are subsided but its better than paying the private rates, which could costs $200 per visit inclusive lab test and scanning. Whereas, at public hospital maybe, the most you pay like $95.

Hope this info helps.


Jussaemon said...

Ok ok nice to know that i can eat as normal. I esp like the idea of 6light meals in a day. Cos i find that i become full faster but also hungry faster. haha.

Anonymous said...

I paid 60 for monthly check-ups at KKCWH (via CSC).. ie. civil service card.

First appt, mebbe a bit more..

Mine was under a senior consultant, Associate Professor John Tee.

Upon selection of your preferred gynae, they'll then let you know the slots that doc has available on most days, ie. the doc's working days and hours.

Nurse will ask if you wish to do optional HIV and Downs Syndrome and Thalassemia blood test etc at extra cost and not to mention... extra WORRY... If not, just a regular blood test will still be carried out.

For every check up, there's the compulsory and dreaded WEIGH-IN to monitor baby's weight and yours of course..

Then, urine test. And the blood pressure check too.

During pregnancy, there might be a chance for mothers to develop certain unforseen illness you've never had like diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma and the likes... but mostly will go away after baby is out. So, these reali mundane tests are to be much appreciated.

I opted for 4-bedded je. My fren used to be in hospital line sd, the higher the class, the more every single thing is at marked-up prices. If staying 2 days, less than 2k lah, inclusive of post-meds. With some subsidies.

Private hospitals i think no subsidies. Well, think of it this way.. If you can afford to do private, means you can afford it, right?

Niwae, maternity packages information are mostly available online too, so you can make the necessary recce and calculation before eventual decision.

My personal opinion on polyclinic check ups is just that we won't be getting same doc each visitation right? And that all the docs you see won't be the one delivering your baby nor stitching you up either.. so there's no rapport with a particular one.

Then during delivery, need to worry again who you'll get. If you prefer female you may not get one on duty that day you deliver mcm mana?

Niwaes, the midwives are the real star of the entire show. Providing comfort, vaginal massages, ice chips for those reali dry throats, and reminding you to shut the hell up... if you're one of those loud ones.

Does Z have any preferences, docs or hospitals?

Kak Lynna