Infant VS Toddler

Me: I dont know how to appreciate Infants .... yet. Give me a toddler any time and i will gladly play with him.

Friend: Oh its the reverse for me! I LOVE infants.

Me: Oh is it because toddlers are just so naughty

Friend: Yup yup. The Terrible 2s and 3s.

Me: I've heard of Terrible Twos but not 3s

Friend: Oh that i made it up myself cos they seem to be terrible still at the age of 3! LOL

Me: For me... I feel so scared to carry infants cos they are so fragile and dont know how to play with babies who dont know how to talk yet.

What do YOU think? Do you prefer to play with Infants or Toddlers? Vote for your choice in the poll on the right hand corner~

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6 glasses of Juice:

Abid said...

4-5 years is perfect. You can tease them, tell them a joke, but they are still cute and lovable.

Jussaemon said...

i agree totally. 2 to 3 can play but they cant speak well yet so sometimes i get exasperated not understanding what they're trying to say.

Sandra said...

Each age has its own magic to it. Infants are taking in so much of the world, it's amazing to watch and be part of it. You'll see...

Jussaemon said...

Awwww... that's so.... touching. Ok i can't wait. another 139 days to go!!

Anonymous said...

it doesn't matter if the baby is yours. you will enjoy him/her in her growing up years. ever notice how a parent will always gush anything abt their kid even if its just abt cooing and drooling.

Jussaemon said...

dont just say parents... even aunties and grandparents and 2nd aunties and uncles (my cousins) gush about my niece.

BUt some parents i see (in trains or what) that they are just too tired with their children they cant be bothered with them... ignoring their questions.. n things like that. Granted i only see snippets of their lives. Most of the time im sure they'd LOVE n gush about their children.