And so i Returned their Money...

If you remember, Last Jan, i took orders for punjabi suits .

If you remember, i had an accident while i was on holiday neither was there internet access at his home as his computer was down at that time. Then i tried to mms my clients to get them to choose which material they want but the MMSes never got thru to them. And i tot, nevermind lah i will post the pictures when i get back to Singapore and do the transaction via email or something.

Then another big hurdle of trying to translate the 5 measurement forms from English to Urdu. I couldnt figure out how to transfer the figures without having to rewrite ALL SETS over and over again and some measurements has extra instructions and specifications that was just IMPOSSIBLE to translate.

In the end, i tot just translate one form and ask Ammi to refer to that form for the others as the template is the same and besides she is a professional tailor she'd know how to estimate stuffs i imagine.

But there's another problem. To match the measurement form with the picture of the material chosen for this or that person. Im telling u it was a complete headache. It was very bad of me to have procastinated for a long long time before i could settle the measurement.

It was April when i finally manage to write each information of each order into an email and send it off. By this time, their computer was ok so they could check their email.

I dont know why but after one month there was still no news. I kept asking Zubair to call and ask but everytime he would just say, "Darling, i suggest u just return their money lah." BUt i told him, "Ok.... but i at least wanna know which part of the transaction went wrong. Is it no more material or cannot understand or what? At least i can explain to the rest mah"

This conversation repeated like 5 or 6 times... in the end i just ask which are ready so i can return the rest. Even that one Zubair cant answer properly. Dont know lah ur cousin's red colour and your sisters i think. I ask, "My cousin didnt order red colour! and my sister's all two sets or what?" a big DONT KNOW. And he's telling ME to have some KNOWLEDGE?!?!?!?!?!?!

We wanted to send whatever that is ready thru my uncle who is visiting Old Lahore which is about 1 or 2hrs away. But even that he couldnt arrange properly. Granted He DID try to contact my uncle but his hp was off. But i dont suppose he tried very hard. How to register a business like this? OMG. *heart pain*

In any case, since i got some money, i quickly return everybody's money. If it happens that any of their suits are ready i will give them THEN and they can pay THEN.

So i just got back from having lunch with my Japanese Aunty who works nearby and returned her $50. She was the one who was apologetic. I said no no it really is my fault. then she treated me with lunch at Wok Express =D

After that i straight away met my junior from sch who works even nearer to me. She also very cute one. very generous type. She ordered just 1 suit but gave me $50. But told me to return only $40 for all the arrangement that i have done thus far. She understands that its a very complicated process.

So yes. Today i feel very light and happy! I dont wanna owe anybody any money. Even though i let my customers down, we are still friends... and relative. =)

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2 glasses of Juice:

narny said...

oh gosh... so this is the story lah........... poor you....and its not even within your control...

Jussaemon said...

yeah a bit heartache. Thanks for the cupcakes! =)