McDonalds Olympics Glasses

I was chatting with my friend about how many we've collected of these glasses, when an idea struck me.

I decided to email to everyone in my dept, "

Hi All,

We are in dire need of glasses for guests.

I've been chasing Admin Dept for so long but still havent bought for us yet.

As such, I was thinking, if you guys happen to have extra or too many of them FREE McDonalds Olympics Glasses, or intend to go to McD soon, can donate a few for the office?

The same person who remarked against using those dirt cheap paper files now suggested this:

How many are we short of? Why don’t we go and buy ourselves. I am sure Mike will
approve it as it not very expensive.

They all came up to my desk and discussed about it. One agreed we should just go and buy ourselves then claim later to which i said Nevermind lah im just saying if you have already at home can bring to office.

Another said its a bit unprofessional to give clients or maybe big bosses such cups. Perhaps yes.. but this is McDonald's we're talking about. Almost the equivalent of having Starbuck's mugs?

So, fed up, I shot a question to the floor, "Ok who wants to volunteer to go and buy?"

Everybody hesitated. At last that same person said uncommittedly, "Ok if i happen to pass by Ikea or something i will buy over the weekend."

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