It's All About Me.

Yesterday i couldn't think of what to write... Today i got loads to tell!!


First of all Tuesday night was the 3rd class for bellydancing. Only 6 out of 20+ of us remained. I was not early but the rest wasnt there yet which was a bit of a surprise and i had a few min of one on one session with the instructor. Finally i understood how to do snake arms! The trick is to make your wrist flow and it will look nice. haha

Last week we learnt Shoulder shimmy and 3 point turn. Lol! Like driving pulak~. That night we learnt Hip Shimmy and Walking with Horizontal Figure 8. The latter is a bit tricky lah. We learnt previously in Carol's class but somehow the way this instructor do it looks a bit diff. I just hentam the way that i learnt before.

I planned to just continue even during fasting month since the mosque is very nearby. But for the past two weeks, i realised that i get very lethargic afterwards. but i NEED exercise. and i CANT miss a single class, otherwise i wont be able to catch the next 8 steps into the songs, what more to miss 4 lessons!

Taking cab home every night won't solve the problem also as it might interfere with my cashflow. haha. So i think i might as well stop going lah. *WAILING!!*

Late Night Supper

Its the first time that Tuesday night that i was sooo hungry i had to bother someone to buy food for me.

See i only ate a Club Sandwich from 711 at 6pm before my belly dancing class. when i reached Causeway Point at 9pm, i was still not hungry and tot i'd just have my ice cream.

I was just about to drift away to sleep at 11:30pm when Z finally reached home. So we talked a bit while he rubbing my tummy. hehe Then it hit me. It hit me bad this hunger pang. i was SOOOOO hungry i nearly cried! Tuesday is a Mum's not cooking night so there's nothing in the kitchen. Well... nothing that's ready anyways. I can't even think about calling Mc cos im so sick of it.

So i called Mummy. She was in JB but luckily going back already. So i asked to buy some sausagey or tuna-ish thingy. She got me both from Polar Puff and another set for the hungry Father also. LOL. *ALL SMILES*

Wednesday's Lunch

For lunch i went to Singtel Hello shop at Golden Shoe. Sighhh if Kak Long was still working there, we could have lunched together! The Q was super long with pple getting their iPhones clogging up the line. BLERGHK!

I just had my Tuna puff from last night half an hour earlier but i know i had to get something otherwise i will be hungry later. If somebody was observing me, they would surely think i was crazy cos at one time i was walking up the street then turned around and walked down instead 2 or 3 times. I even climbed up the stairs to the hawker center but came down again.

I was sooo confused on what food to buy. Bcos i was still feeling full i guess. I had been wanting Famous Amos cookies but at that time, it didnt appeal to me. Then i tot, ok having FRIES only (minus burger) is good while i wait for 40min for my no to be called while playing my sudoku. Then i remembered my promise to myself to bring down my fast food intake. Then i tot, ok let's just buy fruits, but i just drank a bottle of Lemon 1000 that contains 1000MG of Vitamin C. I read that overdose of Vit C can cause miscarriage.

I settled for Old Chang Kee AND the cookies in case i feel crave for it later on and regret not buying them when i was so near! LOL.

Zubair often gets irritated with my constant thinking and changing of minds. But i have my reasons ok :P

Anyways, it was raining cats and dogs and i didnt bring umbrella. I even had to dash across the road. I'm so careless! But i think the baby's tough lah can tolerate all my jumping and running. hehe

First Drive While Pregnant

I realised that i havent driven the car ever since i knew i was pregnant. Not that i was overly cautious or anything. Just that i like to sleep in the car on the way to work when Ayah drives me. And i dont go back home with Ayah anymore cos if i take the train, i get longer and uninterrupted sleep. LOL

I was dragging my feet to go to my class last night cos its raining and i just feel super tired from the night before. It's like as though my mum has 6th sense. She offered the car keys to me~!!! A bit surprised there cos i didnt think she would let me drive again esp now that im pregnant. She did say, "Take Care tau" when i was leaving. So im very grateful there as i couldnt imagine walking in the rain. YIKES!

A bit nervous going down the slippery car park ramp and a bit nervous while reverse parking but it all turned out alright. Phew~ I did take special care WALKING up and down that ramp bcos before this (b4 pregnant), i had fallen down at the exact same spot TWICE.

So 4 short stories there.

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