The Dark Knight

After the success of watching Mummy 3 with Zubair the week before, i thought its a good time to get him to watch more English movies. Besides, there's no interesting Hindi movie showing on screen anyways. So i asked Kak Long's opinion and she totally rooted for The Dark Knight.

So Fri night we went to catch it at AMK Hub.

And we both got bored out of our wits!!!

Firstly the movie was too long. And the plot is just too complicated even for me. what more for him! And i soooo hate the Joker's face. But worse is the Two Face. I really had to cover the screen with my hand so as not to see the burnt part. PUKE

I hope he wont get turned off by English movies now.

But last night i caught Love Guru and it was sooo slapstick fun! But hey... NOTHING and i repeat NOTHING can beat Kung Fu Panda ok. That one sure laugh non stop.

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