Warning! Gross content ahead. Steer clear if you're not game for it.

My bowel's starting to feel very constipated this week. Nisa said at Week 10 its too early to be constipating already. Is it?

Last week, i had a hint of constipation and a change of time table. Yes my allocated time to go and "invest" is every WORKDAY morning before 9am but after bfast. Weekends are off day so they show up at no specific time. Possibly related to what time i wake up and eat but i haven't concluded with any firm formula as of yet. LOL

After that hint of constipation last week, i accidentally yet purposely ate a sambal dah basi (expired chilli). See i bought my siew mai as usual downstairs, but i notice the chilli is a bit sticky, but it doesnt taste any different, as nice as usual so i just gobbled the whole thing up. And Wa La i hit jackpot.

But as the week went, the schedule turned to nights at home. (It wont come if im outside on a date or something. very educated one)

But starting Tues this week, the stool is getting harder and harder. Its getting more diff to push it out. and after a whole lot of effort, only tiny bits and pieces were glistening in the bowl. HUMPH!

Yesterday was the worst of all. I spent 20min in the toilet in the office and almost cried. It was like trying to give birth to a stone but there's no open hole!!! I was afraid to push out all the way, afraid it might affect the implantation in the cervix (or whatever its called) and dont wanna get piles. So that was restricting me slightly too.

I wanted to give up and started to wash myself. That was when the urge came again and the passage was more slippery with just the help of water! And i was saved in a way.

Surprisingly, that night, i had another urge to go to the toilet and it went out very smoothly. So now i'm confused, should i mention to the gynae later when i see her, or... is it a one off thing?

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8 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

aiyo! sharing ur bowel movements with the world! hahah. u're funny.

anyway i wanted to drop a note to assure u its completely normal to get constipation as early as the first trimester. go read it up :) one of the pregnancy hormones is responsible for sucking out lots of water from ur digestive system. there is also a risk of developing piles, so eat lots of fruits and drink LOTS of water. i had piles in my 7th week, and it was pretty scary. but i included more fruits in my diet and drink gallons of water after that and it went away.

yup u should let ur gynae know, so she can advice u on ur diet. read up juls, understanding the various changes in your body will help u alot.

Jussaemon said...

heheh Thanks for dropping by even tho you're miles away.

Hmmm is 3litres a day enough? That's already how much im drinking a day. or rather WORK day. when im at home i drink less than 1ltr. Weird me.

So far i've read 4 pregnancy magazines but the story kinda repetitive... ok ok shall hit that "What to expect when you're expecting" book again.

Anonymous said...

why don't you check the babycentre site for weekly updates? :) actually the internet provides more than enuff info just like your blog replies. *hehe* you can eat fruits like papayas for your constipation problem or any fruits which are suitable for your body.

Anonymous said...

Ca, the fibres from fuits will definitely help. Pisang hokey per.. Papayas too, yes. Tapi papaya time confinement tak adviseable pasal org org tua kata elakkan menda makanan kuning jadi tak affect breastmilk. itu akan menambahkan sakit kuning (jaundice).

For me, the pills yg i kene makan to yang buat constipated. Fed-up seh. Too much iron in the tablets!

Yup, take care. Jgn terlebih teran.

Btw, the word "nags" is soooooo appropriate for these type of people. You see eh, the irony of the gomen to provide career opportunities for the elderly tu okay sesangat, tapi kaaan... tak boleh angkat bab menyenyeh tu ler..

I had one staff doing admin who locks the cabinet where we keep log books and clientele particulars, invoices and stuff.
She said she was told this was the main file cabinet and that there are numerous confidential and important stuff in it.

She locks it all the time and even i as manager can't open it. Not even when she's around at the desk. She said boss says this cabinet very important things i need to keep safe. So, just in case i forget, i just lock even when i'm working here at my desk. So that when i do leave for toilet break or lunch, its under lock and key.

FYI, cabinet tu must be in access for other staff too. During office hours we frequent pick one of those files fot reference-ing, update and follow-up. So, its very miserable to every few minutes get her to open it.

To make things worse, before even asking for permission she bought extra padlock for it without or knowing!

Once, she didn't need to come for Saturday duties. Boss came early to look through and came storming into my office asking who authorized this blatant action on her property!

Wah lau, my fault meh..
She then asked me to tell the old-hag not to do it. Knowing her "boss say" attitude, how do you reckon she reacted to my instruction???

Working with people like this can reali be super-suicidal....

Beware. Tread with caution.
Keep your sanity... Try to lalalalalalaaaa the nags away AS MUCH as possible.

Kak Lynna

Jussaemon said...

Actually i loathe fruits. Apple would only make me hungrier! And i will eat only 1/4 of honeydew or rock melon and throw the hard 3/4away.

Even for the fruits that i do eat like grapes, lai, mango and jackfruit... i find it troublesome to go all the way to buy them, cut them. Or sometimes when i BOUGHT them alsready i often forgot them in the fridge!

So i made it up with more water and didnt have any prob with this arrangement pre pregnancy.

Sighhh but now ive been buying fruits lah for lunch + juices are just as good right? Why like become worse. *shrugs*

Jussaemon said...

But that is sooo irresponsible of your colleague to not leave extra keys behind and not to give a set to the boss! How come so not rational one?

heheh klw i, dah lama complain kat boss.

ok ok i shall try to "ignore" and nmasuk kanan keluar kiri of all her irritants.

Anonymous said...

hey i second the subscribing to babycentre newsletter suggestions. i subscribe to 4 newsletters hehe, and get my hubby to receive them too (cos there's always a helpful "what daddy can do" section like taking mommy out to dinner hehe). anyway fruit juice not a good substitute for fruits, cos most of the fibre is lost in the juicing process! eat papayas, bananas, oranges, they not only help with the bowels but also serves as healthy snacks in between first tri hunger pangs.

i dont find books as useful as the internet, so go google your ailments, thats what i did. its very helpful, and very reassuring knowing u are not alone :)

Anonymous said...

I echo the prev poster. google is man's best this case, a preggy woman's best fren. there's a trove of information when you google. can't make that excuse of not knowing anything unless you don't have access at all.