28-29th May 2011.

Saturday afternoon after T's 3hour nap, I decided to make the best of the weekend and go out for early dinner. I couldn't get Mad Jack @ Nex out of my mind. Tufeil and me took 161. Instead of alighting at Sengkang to change to NEL like the last time, I decided to go all the way to the end of the route at Hougang. I don't know why I thought that Nex was at Hougang. When I remembered it was at Serangoon, I had to take the NEL anyways.

Well, at least, I know now where to alight to go to Nisa's place! *wink* Soon babe, soon!

Did I mention Tufeil's memory shocks me? Ok I don't know if it's memory or association skill kinda thing but the moment we alighted at Serangoon station, he asked me, "Mana Bear nye?" (where's the bear). Thankfully, it was still there. Then he said, "nak tengok fish" (Wanna look at the fish) and we were only at Basement 2 not anywhere near the shop at 2nd floor!!

We had Beef Lasange (surprisingly not popular w T so I gobble it all up myself) $9.90, Mixed Cheese fries $7.90 and BUtterfly Prawn $7.90 and Orange Juice $4.50. The staffs were friendly that day. When she saw how Tufeil was playing on his own at the next booth (climbing up and down the sofa), she offered some toys for him to play, which turned out to be a total saviour!! I had to keep switching between letting him eat on his own and playing with the toy sorter a couple of times to last the whole mealtime of maybe an hour?

It was close to 7pm by the time we finished. I had no energy left to wander around at the shopping center so we headed home. Circle Line then NorthSouth Line trains. Before that, Tufeil pointedly asked for this:

"Macam Teacher" - (seems) Like Teacher
I don't know why he said that. Maybe there was a female voice when he picked up the phone or something.


Again, was bored AND HUNGRY. Called parents who were on the way home and managed to convince them to go out to Northpoint for dinner. Regular Spot: Sakura. We let the kids play at the Wet Playground for a bit too. Changing was challenging. Hate that. Fortunately, mom was there so she did most of it while i just helped.

While most of the boys were boxes or shorts but shirtless, the reverse was true for T. He was wearing just a polo-T and diaper minus pants. A lesson learnt for me. But I'm afraid that if he only wears pants, he might just strip down to his birthday suit just like he did at home a few nights ago. Hmmm maybe better not. At least until he's older and under the concept of decency.

The only picture i managed to capture

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2 glasses of Juice:

Nisa AK said...

One of my go-to places with Sameer this holidays. I live so near and i'm always so lazy to make the trip! maybe because I find it over-crowded. Soon!!!

Jussaemon said...

Yayy maybe we can venture to the wet playground soon?