Data Interpretation and Analysis

26th - 27th May 2011

I had to choose between two courses that I wanted to go for: Msoft Excel VBA Course or Data Interpretation & Analysis. After much thought, I gathered that the latter would benefit me more.

The course provider is located at Golden Mile Complex. Now, I hadn't been there before that day and i was SO SHOCKED OUT OF MY SKULL to see how old the building was!! The corridor was air-conditionless and a total waste of space!! It was soooo old I didn't even want to snap a picture of it to aid this blog entry.

Thank god, the inside of the office was decent enough. BUT! the snacks provided were very sad. Like mini Apollo cakes, Khong Guan biscuits the standard tea and coffee and sweets. But then again, I reminded myself that I'm not here for the snacks but for the lessons I could learn from here.

The first day was HORRIBLE TO THE MAX because it was mostly theory and slides. It covered about how to conduct surveys, how to design smart questionnaires, what are population and samples. Tears kept running from my eyes from sheer boredom. And I had thought that I liked statistics. *roll eyes*

My only solace for that day was the presenter.

Being late, I had to seat the front most row in a small room.

Looks a bit like Vivian B in this photo

If he were a Muslim, he would have sooo been the kinda man I'd go for. Skinny and reasonably tall, Indian/Paki/Arab, and terribly terribly SMART! I didn't even care that his crowning glory was kinda thinning. I cldnt help but look at him in awe. He knew a lot of stuffs, from how various industries operate to how a plane flies on auto-pilot to the kindsa things women and men like and, of course, not to mention his IT and Excel expertise. *DROOLING*

Second day was the practical excel part. Totally my kinda thing. Quite a few I already knew but I certainly picked up a lot of shortcuts and more gems in Pivot Tables and formulae, even Goal Seek function. The best of all, I finally know how to use vlookup and I was already envisioning how to work it into my Quarterly Business Reviews. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to cover Match and offset, but the materials were given, so I just gotta read up on them.

I also discovered the reason why  my macros were not working when I had used them last and gave up. I had to click on "Use Relative References". *slap forehead*

The building was so remote, it was difficult to go for lunch. Luckily, I found Banquet at Keypoint Building 5min away.

I'm gonna beg my manager now to let me go for the VBA course too. It's sooo gonna help me with my work.

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2 glasses of Juice:

Nisa AK said...

sempat sey, drooling over the instructor! :P

Jussaemon said...

And took the picture illegally too!!