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Saturday 10th June 2011,

My parents brought us out to Airport Terminal 3. It was a cool day so I dressed Tufeil in long sleeves...

Bought the shirt @ Mothercare 3 months ago but nvr a suitable day to wear it.
The cap has been in the collection since he was maybe 6months old. Only now that he's started sch that he can tolerate headwears
 I've heard of this new indoor playground at the airport but at $18/hour, i find it totally unnecessary when the kids would have the WHOLE WIDE space to run around. Unbeknownst to both mummy and me, Ayah was already at the queue at Singkids while I was buying takeaway lunch. Oh well, he offered to pay for both Tufeil and Syifaa' so I just tagged along.

The place was quite cramp with low ceiling and big structures but it was very colourful. Had Tufeil been slightly older he would thoroughly enjoy all the stations.

Balloon Room
 This is definitely his favourite! He returned to this one a couple of times. See how the balloons are bigger than him! LOL

Nenek capturing us outside the fence.

Heavy-Weight Lifter

You don't hafta watch the video. It's just us all squealing over gigantic balloons being fanned and bounced around in tight spaces.

Water trampoline.. Hmmm.. I'll pass

Ball pit

Because it's impossible to get a decent still photo on the iphone, esply when you yourself almost drowned in a pool of ball, i took a video instead.

Bouncing House

I didn't bother to go in to this one. It's a bit embarrassing that a much younger toddler was so bravely bouncing himself (captured in video) but T had to be held!

Rotating Cylinder
This one looked very innocent. I tried it and got off all nauseated. I almost panicked when I couldn't move and thought I was gonna fall on top of myself. Maybe because I was fully clothed from head to toe that i found myself stuck.

I don't get this structure at all.

I wish I was light enough to have a go on this one!

Skates. Tufeil's legs were too short.

I like this shot
The space for this skating rink is *toot* but I guess it must be heaven for kids. I much prefer the big rides they had on the parking lot before.

That's when we discovered, they have another section and it's for smaller kids. Very much for Tufeil's age and motor skill.

Cutesy peanut ride!

Add caption

Cool slides with lights and mini waterfall!

They even had the same Balloon Room but with all small balloons. 10min before our 1hr was up, Tufeil already complained he was hungry, so we went to sit down and have Popeye's lunch that was already cold.

And then we walked all over. We wanted to sit down at the viewing mall to look at aeroplanes but the kids were already cranky as it was already 8pm and they had had quite a long day. In the end, I had to carry Tufeil (and he promptly fell asleep) and Ayah had to carry Syifaa' like what? 750m? I felt like DYING! I can't imagine how Dad was doing with more than twice the load I had.

But we survived.

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