Cardio Jam

Just finished my 4th lesson of Cardio Jam and I'd like to think I'm getting better at it.

First lesson, a temp guy trainer taught us and it was awful cos i cld feel his lack of dedication. Without any clue how it was going to be, I was shocked at how strenuous it was! I also didnt have any sport shoes so i wore my comfortable mary jane instead and my knees hurt.

The next 2 days, my whole body ached like crazy. I blamed him for not stretching us properly.

Second week, Ange, our ex colleague who now owns her own dance/exercise mobile school, started. I still didnt have sportshoes so i went barefooted. It was horrible bcos i cldnt jump as it cld hurt my knees.

It was more fun w Ange bcos we know her and her style is very much like the previous dance instructor we had all gone for. She's attentive and corrects our posture and explains which muscle should be feeling some stretch, and that stretching your obliques (in various twisting moves) will help to tone your waistline. The most important thing is to focus everything on your core muscle: the abdomen. Always tuck it in (and therefore engaging it) when doing anything. Again helps you to slim your waistline.

Basically the session would start with some cardio moves incorporating some stretching movements like shoulder rotations while on the move, that make me feel like dying! And then proper stretches before we start being introduced to 5 or 7-steps routine. and then the winding down stretches which still involve a lot of abdominal engagement I can't really do.

On the 3rd week, I got my shoes already but was feeling a bit wheezy so I opted for lo-impact one - meaning there was no Jump in my steps. By the 4th week, the DYING feeling was very brief and I could even jump a bit.  I'm loving it!

We actually have another Stretch & tone (basically Yoga, i think?) class on Wednesdays. But I didn't think it would be effective for me so i don't go for that one. Besides, My parents have class on wednesdays anyways.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the 5th lesson this friday! We only have a total of 12. And can't wait for the dance class to start next!

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