Karaoke w Tufeil

Monday 30th May 2011,

My cousin Ben has been wanting to go karaoke-ing again for so long. The last time was a couple of months ago. So I arranged today to go to Club 7 @ LTA. It's the school holiday so I brought Tufeil along since Mummy and Ayah has a class to go to.

To be honest, I was quite nervous at the prospect of "caging" T in the karaoke room, although its quite spacious, for 4 long hours WITHOUT the Atok's (my dad) help. But it turned out quite alright.

We took the train stroller-less and changed trains 3 times (NorthSouth, Circle, NorthEast Lines) to keep it interesting for T (I doubt he could endure 45min ride straight to Dhoby Ghaut) to get to Little India Station. We reached dad's office 15min earlier as promised. I ordered dinner and ate first while waiting for the rest to arrive. Fortunately, I remembered to bring a toy for T, so when he resisted dinner, he instead played with his toy bus running around the dining section of the clubhouse. Good thing it was quite spacious for T to play around and I didn't worry cause all the doors were closed.

Testing Testing 1 2 3

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Spacious and interesting enough for him
Can you spot me in the mirror?

In order to sing peacefully, I let him rummage through my wallet (he loves cards) and hide them under the sofa

We also bought a few snacks Twisties, potato chips and Chicken Wings to dull his anxiety

We survived 3 hours before he really got agitated asking to be let out. Coincidentally, it wasn't my turn to sing for the next few songs so I took him out for a walk, looking at the night skies...for about 15min. He was very reluctant to return to the room but was inside and enticed with the junk food, he was ok. 10min before the end, we were already packing up.

With just the 3 of us, I guess 3-3.5 hours is more than enough time to sing.

The Parental Unit picked us up and T slept in the car.

The End.

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