2 Years 2 months

Tufeil, right after bath, pretending my pants to be a snake/train

Less than 2min video of T employing imaginative play.

It's been more than a month since he's started school and he's learnt A LOT! Mostly at being independent.
  1. He can take off shoes and socks
  2. Put on sandals and slippers
  3. He's memorised about 30 out of 99 Names of Allah albeit w a lot of mispronounciation but its a start
  4. He can feed himself, mostly, with spoon.
Unfortunately, his reading of doa before eating has deteriorated. what was very clear before has now become gibberish. I think he became confused when all the kids were reading at the same time. I'm trying to re-teach him the proper words.

In other news, I'm soo happy Tufeil took to this book i bought at MPH immediately. It's only $12 and I had at 20% discount coupon. I chose this book because it's quite captivating. Just a sentence or two per page / two pages. Tufeil can easily identify with known cartoon characters than some one-offs.

5 books in 1 - one of them being of course he favourite, Cars

A snippet from Ratatouille the movie

I hafta admit the illustration sucks but Tufeil absolutely loves this part and he'd read with me "Nemo chases and chases"

He LOVES Tractor tripping too. He can pretend to trip his toy vehicles and say "car tripping"

He also likes Woody and Buzz LightYear
This is a totally different story not seen in the movie

This is a summary of the whole Monsters, Inc movie.
Tufeil HATES this story. I wonder if he's still reeling from a "sighting"

LOVE LOVE LOVE this book. It's very light and in one seating, we can read 4 different stories instead of repeating the same one over and over. The dialougue's great. the very subtle rhyming is fun too but doesnt overkill. Good story lines too.

Just after a few readings, Tufeil has already memorised bits and pieces of the words. He can finish off the sentence. And sometimes he would turn to a certain page and "read" gibberish + actual words.

June school holidays is here. And I am going to attempt another round of weaning from BreastFeeding. Wish me luck! Pray for me!

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