Just Me in a Long Time

Thursday, 16th June 2011.

Tufeil is out for the day and I squeezed in most of the things i needed to get done that day. I went for my eye treatment after such a long hiatus. The pause is caused by fungal infection (panau) on my face. While i suspected that it was because of the facial wash I bought at the Dead Sea, I also noticed that it got aggravated after each session so I stopped and waited for it to clear up using a medicinal cream called Fungicort.

Anyways, I forgot how lovely it feels afterwards. Because it's been so long, I immediately noticed the difference. I had been feeling so low because (among other things) my skin was so dull. I feel sorta rejuvenated now. Now that my parents don't have anymore classes on Sunday, I can start going regularly once and week.

I booked tickets to X-Men First Class online. Had only 20minutes after finished treatment. I was 4 minutes early but the Internet Booking collection counter was sooo slow, I missed the first 5min of the show boohoohoo =(

LOVE IT! Love that they told the story of how Beast came to be and how Prof X got paralysed. Believe it or not, I used to watch the cartoon a lot when I was in primary school. I mean its not really a girl kinda show but I had loved it even then. However, if you ask me, the actor playing Prof X looks too young and cheeky for my liking. HAHAHAHA

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1 glasses of Juice:

Mrs Umer Shah f.k.a Ms Sue said...

Same here! I love watching X-Men too in primary school! But what's way cooler was that they all had their own individual costumes in the cartoon series.. in the movie they all sort of wore uniforms... The guy who played Prof X James McAvoy is super cute!! I loved him since I watched Wanted and Band of Brothers... :)