NEX up, Serangoon Station

Sat, 23rd April 2011.

Syifaa' has been wanting to take the double decker bus. Since Tufeil and I already took 168 before, I thought this time, we try 161. But there's nothing much happening at Sengkang, i think, so decided to take the NEL from there to NEX at Serangoon Station. We haven't been there before!

It is imperative that T takes his nap first because I didn't wanna lug the stroller up the double decker bus. So it was only 5pm when we finally left the house.

A rare picture together.

T's wearing the Cotton On Kids shirt I bought the day before.

OMG, I look like I stuffed paos in my cheeks! LOL

T did ask for the iPhone but I managed to keep his interest on the greens alongside the expressway. It also helped that the journey to Sengkang is shorter than to Tampines.

Then, we waited for the train at NEL.

The girl who just got her first EZ-Link card!

The boy who can only be nicely photographed by his Aunty.

Holding on tight to T before he runs off again.

It's like Tufeil has worm in his butt, he can't sit for very long. He was up and around and I kept asking him to hold the pole but he just grinned and moved away. An elderly couple was seated opp us and at one point when the train was about to stop, the man jerked forward as in to catch T. I know he meant well and everything, but i find that totally offensive. To me, that gesture screamed "Please look after your child properly!" even though I was watching him like a hawk. I know I wasn't holding on to him but I was close by and I can judge that T can handle the smooth braking of NEL trains. BLEURGH!

So anyway... We got a surprise when we alighted...


LOL It's sooo cute the polar bear popping out like that. I don't know / can't remember what its for though.

Firstly, we ate at Siam Kitchen. The outlet here is VERY nice with discrete booths. Although it can seat 6 adults, the two of us and two kids sat in the one at the very back. And T had ample space not to feel too enclosed and he stayed put. Well, the Gold Elephant ornament kept him captivated anyways.

When it comes to ordering, we almost ALWAYS OVER ORDER. It's like this, I wanted to eat Black pepper Beef rice and Ly wanted Green Curry Fried rice but we were afraid the kids couldn't handle the spiciness so ordered Honey Chicken rice for them along with Tom Yum soup and Money Bags. Of course, we had a dessert each too. Guess what? Both kids ate most of their mothers' dishes and didn't even touch the chicken! *roll eyes* LOL. And we totally couldn't finish the rice and had to have it packed.

Total: $85. We reckon if we weren't feeling too gelojoh (famished), we could probably have saved $25 without the "extra" food. *shake head*

And then of course we had to tour around this new Mall.

Tufeil was really fascinated by this small koi pond in a chinese dessert shop.

He kept me standing waiting for him to lose interest for 10 whole minutes! Even then, I had to pretend to walk away. At this point, me & Ly had to break away from each other and walk on our own. And I just realised that I have been leading T around in shopping malls for two whole days and felt guilty. I mean I should be doing something more constructive with him, perhaps?

I also burnt my wallet again today. I bought a Perllini wallet (but I totally needed this) and a Cars shade for T (ditto) as well as Brewster from Chuggington train. He immediately played with it quietly on his own that I didn't question the $12 I spent on it.

It was super duper late by the time we took the cab home. We only left when most of the shops were already closed. HAHA

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