Underwater World & Dolphin Lagoon

Tuesday, 14th June 2011

I'm glad we decided to go to Sentosa to get the $25 promotion for Underwater world & Dolphin Lagoon + Free Cable car ride w Ly & Family. This would be Tufeil's first time here. But he's been to the Underwater world in Perth, although he might be too young to remember / understand anything. This time around he was excited as he recognised sharks and dolphins and sting-rays.

We were quite nervous taking two strollers into the cabin for fear we don't have enough time to board but it went smoothly. Thank God.

He was soo excited! Not scared at all!

I was just slightly anxious myself

Another shot facing camera
We had to take the Blue Line bus to the Underwater World. It was troublesome with stroller. Boarding was okay because there were officials helping us. Getting down, we had tourists lending us a hand! HAHAHA
I didn't really get to take pictures because it was dark inside. And outside at the touchpool, Tufeil was soooo... Active and excited, I had to hold him at all times. He squealed (yes, squealed) like nobody's business when the string ray fish got very close. He wasn't afraid to get very near but still wouldn't really touch them. I didn't either.

I did get one shot though.

A bit disappointing that the sharks were all very small. And they actually looked very loving as opposed to menacing! A few of them actually lied on top of each other at one corner to the aquarium. It was soo cute! And then there was a couple who napped with tails overlapping each other. Romantic or what! 

Next up was the Dolphin Show.

I hate how the presenter, while speaking good English and all, couldn't say FLIPPER but FLIPPEL. WHY? WHY? WHY??!! And I hated how she only picked the ANG MOH (White) tourists to volunteer touch the animals! My sister was right when she pointed out, "Their country has more exotic animals." She was an Oz.

We came late and didn't get the best view but we did get front row seats at the side. Tufeil, I was surprised, sat still for 3/4 of the time.

2 Pink dolphins balancing balls
 It was my first time too catching the dolphin show and it's cute but could be more. We had to pay another $16 to get up close w the sealion for a photo. But that's only for two people, so the kids got it.

Tufeil looking curiously at this strange creature

Admiring his flippeRs
It was 3pm by the time the show finished, and we haven't had lunch yet! We didn't wanna eat in Sentosa because it's too expensive, so we went back to Harbourfront Centre (where we parked the car to take the cable car) and ate at Banquet. Tufeil managed to get his 45min nap. 

In the nursing / baby room @ HarbourFront
I might as well change Tufeil into another shirt cause he was sweating profusely earlier. I'm sure Tufeil felt a bit big brotherly seeing Baby Umar on the changing table next to him.

Sidenote: Nan, I couldn't get the suspender to hold on his shoulders! Should it be criss-crossed front and back??

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2 glasses of Juice:

nadia said...


What...Tufeil returned home without a dolphin-shaped balloon or stuffed toy? Here, the children were going crazy over them.

Jussaemon said...

Yay he did see some cute stuffed toys at the souvenir shop but we were on a tight budget so no hedidnt bring back anything save for tt photo..