PlayDate w Aisyah & Sarah

Monday 13th June 2011,

We went to visit my internet friend from donkey years ago, Sis Norza. Her first daughter, Aisyah, went to Hanis too, only at a different branch. I marvelled at the activities she organised for her daughters at home because i can barely get Tufeil to do something for more than 10minutes before he'd be asking to be let out.

I brought along my one and only specialty, Beef Meatloaf & mashed potatoes, while she prepared Chicken Rice.
We busied ourselves with their extensive book collection.

Alamak Tufeil! How can sit on the table!
Lunch is served!

It was such a relief when I can eat in peace while T feeds himself!

I totally should get this kiddy table so Tufeil can feed himself properly. He's in the phase of not wanting to eat chicken. He only ate the rice with a bit of soup. Sometimes he would be distracted with the toy blocks, and then he'd go back to eating, play, eat, play, eat. As long as the plate is still there, he would eat. So I had to take it away and it was quickly forgotten.

Really, Tufeil eats ALL THE TIME!! I'm a bit worried!

In any case, next is COOKIE TIME! After Mdm Norza had prepared the dough, she set out brown paper and cookie cutters for the kids to play.

There were Doraemon and Doralin cutters! CUTE!

This is not powder, Tufeil, this is flour

Working the dough, baby yeah.

Finished products!

Watch the video how curious Tufeil was about the taste of raw dough. In the end, he ate more of the raw dough. I also took a teeny bite of it, just to know what Tufeil feels, its actually kinda nice. sweet. So I don't mind letting him eat more. HAHAHA

Sarah warmed up to Tufeil in the end

The moment we set out, i think close to 4pm?, Tufeil immediately slept in the stroller for a nap long overdue.

Next time, hopefully, Sis can come over to our place for us to return the favour of being waited upon the hosts. Thanks!!


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