NEX with Sameer The Bhai.

Wednesday, 15th June 2011.

Got a date with Nisa to check out NEX's wet playground.

Getting ready at home, I explained over and over again to Tufeil that we're going to meet Sameer Bhai (Nisa's son). I don't know why, when he repeated his name it turned out Sameer The Bhai. And it got kinda stuck, ever since!

The train ride was wonderful. @ 10+am not too much crowd, we both managed to get seats and we explored the window sights. We had an early lunch at MadJack's. There were not many people either. It was nice how Sameer was very friendly and didn't mind entertaining Tufeil while I get some decent chat with his mum.
It was very very hot when we finished our lunch and took a look at the wet playground. Unlike at Northpoint and IMM, the wet area here is very open with no "boundary" between wet and dry. The sitting area could use a few more shades.

He actually doesn't really like the water

Playing slides alone is no fun

Now THIS is FUN!

Sameer The Bhai trying to woo girls by spraying water on them. =)

Unfortunately, the play ended badly. After 20minutes or so, he got tired of the wet playground, he came to me to play with the iPhone. And then somehow, the phone slipped his hand and hit his foot. It bled. He cried. Nisa went to buy plasters but I smsed her in time saying the cleaners in the toilet managed to find some for him.

If you ask sadistic me, it's retribution for biting my index finger really hard when I was trying to brush his teeth (with my finger) and for knocking my forehead hard with iphone (there's still a bump now after a week). But then somebody ever told me that God doesn't work in that way. *shrug* In any case, I really don't understand why Tufeil is so violent. =( (But lately, i've been exerting myself more, was firm more. It was funny how quickly he adhered to my "command" once I put on a firm tone.)
Anyways, he promptly fell asleep and we went for ice cream. He woke up when we were at the library and then we went to see the fish pond he likes so much.

"Oh this is the fish pond you were talking about?"

Hmmm it seemed kinda small after the Underwater World. LOL.

And by the afternoon, his nose was getting runnier and the next day, he's got the cough. I totally blame myself.

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