Java Village @ Jurong Point 2

Sunday 11th june 11

We had yet another late lunch outside before grocery shopping. Ayah treated us to this Indonesian cuisine.

We wete frustrated trying to order w a semi deaf waiter who didnt know abt d food when we askef. Nonetheless, The food arrived only 5min after our order! It's prolly pre-readied.

My Bali Daging (left) and Ly's Bakso (right)

It was reported tt the bakso was a bit disappointing. My beef though was soooo nice. Spicy, tender. Just delete the tofu and it wld hv bn perfect for me.

Kuah assam tasted much like malay's asam rebus/celok only sweeter. We liked it.

Mummy's gado2.

She loved it too. The gravy was super fine. When she described tt it tasted like peanut butter i got turned off as im not a PB fan.

Overall verdict: large bill small serving made us not want to return unless theres a huge discount or someone else is footing the bill.

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2 glasses of Juice:

nadia said...

Is gado2 like a salad?

Jussaemon said...

Hmmm I just you can say it is... cos it has lots of veges and topped with a dressing, in this case, the peanut sauce. ONly this one has packed rice in it and also topped with deliciously sinful fish cracker.