Tufeil's Development Portfolio June 2011

Sunday 5th June 2011,

Almost missed my first ever Parents Meeting Session with Tufeil's School. Luckily, a friend's daughter goes to the same school and she tweeted about it and I remembered mine is Sunday but called to sch to confirm the timing. 10.30am.

It was raining cats & dogs that morning when we had breakfast and got ready. Mum told me to wait for her to come back from class at 11 so they could send us by car. But I insisted on being independent. Besides, I didn't wanna be too late lest I might disrupt the rest of the appointments.

So T and I went out with umbrella in hand and him in my arms. It was quite a walk to the busstop. My arm was aching halfway and had to switch to the other side. Mostly, Tufeil behaved himself at the busstop if you didn't count him touching the wet benches and spreading his legs until his knees were almost touching the wet ground!! But he didn't attempt to run to the road too much.

We reached only 5mins late. That's not so bad.

Firstly, the teachers brought me into the room and went thru with me his Development porfolio. I was pleasantly surprised by the effort the teacher puts into this. I mean the photos and all! Printing and pasting. *blown away* I can't even take a decent picture of T, myself!

The cover all laminated and binded!

Unfortunately the description of Practical Life is too small.
But yeah Tufeil is getting better at spooning himself

Had to X-Large this picture.
Wait. At you licking your own cooties, Tufeil??

I noticed that Tufeil recognized 1 too. I should point out more numbers to him

No photo for this one cos it uses the same format of material as previous

I bet the "more focused" comment is due to him running around to look at other people's work! LOL

His teacher mentioned that his Arabic pronounciation is not as good as his English possibly due to less usage. He also needs a lot of prompting to remind him of what the next line is.

I guess I hafta say colours in Arabic now then

Mudarrisah said Tufeil remembers Arabic 1 2 3 well but not the rest.

4 steps were already introduced but he kept mixing the sequence
 To this, I said, "Yah at home, he always starts with leg first!"

I guess I really hafta promote Arabic from now on, although, at this point in time I don't plan to send him to full time Madrasah (Islamic School).

I was then given a piece of paper to write any feedback and was welcomed to the food. Surprisingly, I don't have any idea what to write besides, "I like the organized systems and good communication." and without anything more constructive to write, i just added, "But I wonder when is colouring and writing going to be introduced?" I feel so stupid.

While we were eating the Aunty came to me and said, "Tufeil is sooooooo talkative (in a good, i-cant-believe-it tone)!" She continued, "Nanti kat toilet mula lah dia bercerita Tufeil naik bus tau.. double decker bus.. dengan atok. Dengan nenek naik taxi."(Translation: At the toilet, he will start to story about how he took the bus, a double-decker one with Grandpa. With Grandma took the taxi.)

And the principal showed me a picture of the boy Tufeil always hangs around with. I've always liked Mdm Nor's touch at communicating with parents. She seems to know what kinda information we wanna hear. Or at least it works for me. I want to know of T's personality and social behaviour, not just academic / curiculum based.

All in all, am very happy I decided to let T start early and at this establishment.

Afterwards, parents did fetch me and we went to airport for lunch.

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4 glasses of Juice:

Nisa AK said...

The things he's doing on his devt profile are so adorable! hehehe... I know a childcare teacher who records the kids in action on her personal video cam and shares the videos with parents during the teacher-parents sessions! they make it so much more interesting for parents to know what their kids are really upto in class/with classmates!

Jussaemon said...

WOW! That would defly be lovely!! I think I would suggest that if they ask for my feedback the next time!

Ashley said...

So who is he hanging out with in class?

Jussaemon said...

Its the boy whom he shared first day of school with. The one to whom he said "Jgn nangis k?" hehe...