Bowling Tournament

Thursday, 26th May 2011

The WorkHealth Promotion Board sponsored this tournament as part of Keep Healthy Lifestyle programme.

I practised twice prior to the actual event. All averaging 100 points per game.

For this game, we are grouped in 4s. We have 18 groups conquering all the lanes in the alley at Marina Square. Standard group consists of 2F2M. 30 Handicap points given of 3F1M and 60 for 4F. Additionally, a bonus of 10 points are given for groups consisting of at least 2 departments. I'm playing with my other RecClub members but we have 2F2M so we only got 10 bonus points. 3 Games in total.

Hate Flash

Eunice claimed that she doesn't play very well but as it turned out she managed a few strikes and some spares! She was surprised at herself too. The skinny guy has his own ball and bowling shoes but he said it's been YEARS since he last played. He also swung his ball the professional style that curves. It doesn't work out very well for him but still quite good. Now the other guy, he said he didn't play much too. But being a triathlete, I reckon he could figure his way around it fast and he did!

I was totally shocked when I returned to office and found out as a group we got 4th place! I knew we had no chance to be in Top 3 but 4 to me is very good despite the large gap of 211 points difference. Still 4th place out of 18.

And Hey! I'm the best in my team? LOL. That's just shocking. After getting 95 for first game, my RecClub Chairman came to me and said, "C'mon on Jus. Let's target 120." And surprisingly, I managed to exceed that target.

As an individual, I ranked 6th for Top Female w a total of 336 over 3 games. I'm so going to bowl during lunch again soon.

Reached home past 10pm! Thankfully, Mum didn't seem angry much that night. and Tufeil was thrilled he got to stay up a bit later.

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