Tufeil's 23rd Month

Syifaa' & Tufeil almost 2 years ago

Them just a few days ago.
HUHH Cepatnye Tufeil dah besar!!!

Just a few new things he's been doing this past month...
In terms of SPEECH:
  1. As opposed to parroting, he can now answer simple questions like "Tufeil dah makan?" (have you eaten?) "makan apa?" (What did you eat?)
  2. He knows singular and plural usages like 1 car 2 cars, although not always applied correctly, "So many bedakS" LOL (Bedak is Malay word for baby powder/talc)
  3. Favourite phrases of the month "Ini apa tu?" (This what's that?) and "Kita nak..." (We want...) The Kita is something like a royal We, but in Malay, kids use it to refer to themself. But me I'm still stuck with Kita and awak with my Besties. hahahaha

I've recently ressurected an attempt to get his interest to reading story books as opposed to picture books and it worked. But only on certain books. I'm gonna write about what books Tufeil like in another post.

And also in previous post, I've already written about how Tufeil can already climb the ladder on the playground on his own.

Another thing I've noticed is I no longer had to correct him when identifying genders. He can rightly say: Itu Uncle. Aunty Lah. Eh Kakak. Hello Abang. That kinda stuffs.

Oh Gosh! His birthday is next month but i still couldn't decide what to do for him. 27th March is a Sunday! Weee!! I'm thinking Swimming? Indoor Playground? Picnic? Zoo? Should I invite friends or family or nobody? Can't decide!!

I have got $30 Polar Puff voucher (Mus - I got this when I missed the dept's CNY lunch) so I'm gonna get a Doraemon cake for him.

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2 glasses of Juice:

Ashley said...

Abih ada PS to MUS eh? LMAO!!!

WOW!!! What a big difference 2 years can make. WOW! WOW! And Syifaa' minus the pacifier. haha.

Jussaemon said...


Yup defly MINUS the pacifier. hehe