First Night Away From Each Other

Monday, 7th March,

Following the late Karaoke session, Ash and I came home to an empty house. Mum and dad were out for class and Ly volunteered to help look after Tufeil. And because Mum was gonna send him there also the next morning, she thought T should just spend the night at her place.

I was elated and nervous at the same time! This would be the first time in his lifetime for tufeil to be away from me for a WHOLE night. Actually, I'm not so worried for HIM but more for my sister. I mean can he handle it if Tufeil cries uncontrollable when he doesn't get BM? Or when he wakes up every 2 hours?

My initial intention was to sleep over at her house and go to work from there. But because I reached home like 11pm, and would need another hour or so to settle down and pack my bag, i thought, why dont I give it a shot?

The next day I found out that my concerns were non-existent! He played and played and played with his cousin Syifaa' and they didn't get to bed till almost 11pm. Ly reported that he only asked "Mana Nenek?" and "mana Mummy?" a couple of times and when told that Nenek went for class and Mummy at work, he accepted it. He just played with Ly's iPhone and before she knew it, he was asleep.

And the next time Tufeil came awake was at 7am and he just played w the iPhone somemore and fell right back to sleep. that's like a solid 8 hours straight! MIRACULOUS!! I suspect that he prolly came awake during the light sleep cycle a few times, but because I wasn't there and he cldn't see Ly who was on the floor while he was on the bed, he fell right back to sleep. This is only in theory.

the next day, he slept another 3 hours at noon. WOW.

Er... can I put him there the entire week and he came back weaned? That way, I don't really hafta spend money to travel for a week for the same mission ie trying to get him off BF.

Wishful thinking on my part. So since mum and dad are going for Umrah and I'd be home for 10 straight days with T, I decided to start the training then. At least, I wouldn't bother and be bothered if T cries for long. Shall report it soon, insya'Allah. Pray it wouldn't be too hard for me, my friends.

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1 glasses of Juice:

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could let him sleep separately from u, although in the same room (mattress on the flr?), then he wouldn't wake up and see you at night. Just a thought.

It does help if no one interferes. :)
That's what I did for my son.