Tufeil's 2!!

27th March 2011.

Didn't manage to leave the house till 9am when the Silat is supposed to start at 8.30am! At least, parents sent us to watch Tufeil in action so we still managed to get 15min worth of class.

The weather was a bit kinder today plus we got a spot under a big shade.

The boys lining up to punch and kick a dolphin

A video of Abi Sufyan showing T how to punch and kick the dolphin. You sure gotta have a massive load of patience to "teach" toddlers. Hats off to ya, Ustaz~

Much too soon afterwards, it was over and it was time to eat. I was nervous about my friends eating my home made Beef Meat Loaf and Mashed Potatoes. Firstly, I was afraid it wouldn't be enough for everyone (turned out there were 2 pieces left over!). Secondly, I totally forgot two ingredients: ONION and Worchestershire sauce. Also, it was the first time I made mashed potatoes from Russets so not sure how it will turn out. Although for me, there are no difference with the various types of potatoes I've tried. I guess I don't have a good pallet (?) *Wink at Ash*


1kg Doraemon Round Cake from Polar Puff at $48 (got $30 voucher)

I LOVE this design because I really don't like Sugar Sheet that they use to print pictures. It's quite hard and chewy, diff for Tufeil to process. This is real Cream Icing. The downside is, its easily smeared. Tufeil like soooo GERAM wanted to poke Doraemon's face. LOL

Next, I distributed lollipops (although none for Tufeil cos he doesn't really know how to) and balloons to the kids BUT!!!!!

I TOTALLY Didn't notice that the balloons say "It's a Girl!!!!!!" wah piang eh!

I mean I bought it in a packet and they were all still tiny and bunched up how to see the words? I didn't even see they WERE words. So, the joke was the mother whose child's balloon got accidentally POPPED means she'll be popping out a GIRL soon.

I think its a Rubbish truck for Lego play courtesy of Ummi Hairiah, the organiser.

Thank YOU!! Tufeil loves all types of toy vehicles!

After saying our goodbyes, I got my parents to send me, Tufeil, Nan and Husainy to Kids Explorer.

I didn't manage to take a picture of the climbing and slide structure but it was quite big and challenging for a 2 year old. Only one flight of "stairs" has small steps, the rest are too high for T. Even then, the going to the higher slide was extremely difficult, I had to carry T down and up the padded obstacle. The only other tunnel leading to that higher slide is extremely high even I found it quite impossible to climb! Esply with SOCKS!!! (I really don't understand why they got us to wear them. It's so slippery!!)

I can't see why Husainy wasn't too fond of this play. So we moved on to the toddler's area.

Ball Pool for 3 years and above

Tufeil was nervous entering this pool. After much coaxing and showing how Husainy played and the bigger kids "swam", he had enough. It was probably a mistake to introduce him to the BIG ONE right away instead of ..

The one for 3 years and below.

He may look happy in this picture but he kept asking me to hold him up, then he would get down to get one ball then asked to be sit with me again and the cycle repeated itself. It was tiring until I quietly let myself in but got spotted by the staff and told to come out. =(

By this time, Affaan has already joined us too.

His mother coincidentally had to work here for an event. But we only managed to exchange a few words.

Tufeil loved riding around the vast floor space with the motorcycle

But had to be told not to ride down the slope.

Mushroom's BIGGEST Fan!

At $20 (NTUC member) for an HOUR (with other play areas payable still) for 2 year old (free for accompanying adult), I doubt i'd be coming here again anytime soon. I'd rather go to Fidget's @ Turf City. The structure is possibly bigger but the total area is not but way cheaper $15 for unlimited play per entry.

After going home for a nap, we went to my cousin's house. Her 3rd child celebrated his 3months.

And we received this Jigsaw book as a gift!

You are right Kak Lina, Animals + Puzzles is a SUPER combination of a great present for T.

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3 glasses of Juice:

Hasif F said...

Hey, happy belated birthday to T! Enjoy the terrific twos ok :-)

Jussaemon said...

Thanks! We'll try~ :S

hajudasan said...

dah besar kan! hehehehe kudos to u too babe! :D