Back in the Office & Red Riding Hood

Thurs 17th march 2011,

Fortunately, I manage to wake up at 6.44am AND T didn't wake as I leave the bed. So managed to get myself and his things all ready and out by 7.30am. T inevitably came awake as I put him in the stroller but didn't cry at all when I left Ly's place for work.

Reached office before 9am. Whoop!

Went to the new office building for a meeting. We will have 6 floors of 8 Shenton way. But sadly, our dept is not shifting as we've just moved and renovated. But here's the new GRAND central pantry:

Two booths

Big windows overlooking the sea. Shiok or what

I don't really care about the Coffee machine as I don't drink coffee but I LOVE that they have a proper fridge, dishwasher and microwave. I sooo imagine myself bringing leftover dinner and reheat for lunch here. Too bad I'm not there. Yet.

Since Tufeil is staying over Ly's place, I took the opportunity to treat myself to one movie and then an early night.

Red Riding Hood

The twist to this story is very nice. I kept on guessing and guessing till the end. But I prefer Henry the blacksmith fiance ley. He's cuter. haha

Reminds me of Prince William = Cute

Reminds me of Robbert Pattinson only flatter face = Fierce

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2 glasses of Juice:

Ashley said...

Treat yourself? I treat you le... hahahaha

Jussaemon said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAH point taken altho u didn't fork out any money or anything. :P