KBox @ Scapes

Mon, 7th march 2011

Luckily, I remembered that we had KBox voucher as door gifts from Mambo GIAmbo Night. It was actually only $5 per person but the rest of my colleagues relinquished their rights to me. So I had a grand total of $30.

Ordinarily $30 won't even cover you for 2hours worth at KBox... However every Monday nights, there is an $8nett promo for members. I asked my colleagues but one got class, the other on leave, another wanted to watch Love on tv at 7pm, the other need a Chinese partner to sing with.. So in the end, I called my sis and two cousins to come along. Just us then.

Total for the 4 of us is only $32.05 for 3 hours worth of singing! Power or what?

I was actually a bit nervous to try out the new KBox at Scapes since I've only been to the one at Cineleisure and it was quite old.. although not as old as Cash Studio. But luckily, I stumbled upon this blog when googling for pictures and it looked very nice.

True enough, the room was as nice as the picture looked. I don't know whether I lost my mojo that night or the sound system was too advanced... But we were all not too happy with the new system.

Basically, instead of a TV screen and a remote control to choose your songs, they have an iPad like screen. And although, there was another panel of buttons on the wall behind the seats, we felt the loss of the remote control deeply.

We also couldn't fiddle with the volume and music or bass yada yada ourselves.. They were mic volume buttons up and down, music volume up and down, Key up and down, that's it. There were some pretty unnecessary Cheers, Whistles buttons too. But the main gripe is, we couldn't get the right balance out of it that made us sing kinda off.

Our All time favourite song had to be Isabella '98 - and it was categorised under AMY Mastura!! Get it? Amy Search?

We understand that KBox probably don't have Malay staff to manage the Malay songs list but it was very very crappy lor. Some female singers in Male singer category. Even non-Malay songs got in it... VERY MESSY! We used to be able to find duet songs easily but now that option is gone. Or rather it's still there but only for certain languages. Well even the English songs categories were kinda messy lah.. all over the place.

The funniest of all, we were all geared all to sing Kuch Kuch Hota Hai song... and waited for quite a bit for the first verse to start when instead of lyrics, the Malay subtitle came out! We all burst out laughing! And tried to sing to the subtitle it was a hoot! MOST of all the Hindi songs that we picked out suffered from this phenomenon.

With all these issues, I think I'd rather go to the one at Cineleisure, really.

All in all, we did have a good time in each other's company and all that. Best part of all, the boy cousins drove me and Ash home all the way in the north when they live in the east. It's all they're all grown up and wanted to take care of us. I like that feeling like they are reliable :D Hope they get to be good husbands soon! hahahaha

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2 glasses of Juice:

Mohsin said...

man, I hate karaoke
Its like you can show your friends how poorly you can sing by making them listen to you for an hour or so.

Jussaemon said...

LOL... at least if we are all terrible it cancels out the effect. haha