SAHM Day 5 - Peek-A-Boo Playground

Monday, 14th march 2011

Ash was home and we decided to go out and do something special.

First was BF at Mcd. Afterwards, we set out all the way to Kallang LeisurePark to pay an indoor playground called Peek-A-Boo a visit. This is Tufeil's 2nd time here. The first time around he had just mastered walking and cldn't navigate the climbs so I had to carry him thru most of the obstacles. This time, he did most of it himself. But I still tagged along behind him to help thru some of the steep slippery slopes. This is where I don't understand why they hafta wear socks. I think it makes it all more slippery. *shrug*

At the top of the playground world
The three of us slid down together to be received by a sea of balls

Took a break.
More for the adults to take a breather. It was fat-burning, I tell ya!

There were many times when T peered over to look at Syifaa's work, almost like kids copying each other's homework. CUTE!

T riding a snake! Eyeww

Hugging a Punching bag??

Still crawling up.

Kakak goes first, then T, then me.
T looking down to the trampoline.

I reckon T had a better time today than the first time he was here. So I think I've decided to bring him to a bigger playground for his bday - ExplorerKids! who wants to join me on Sunday 27th March??

Lunch was a hurried one at Burger King nearby (guilty guilty for two fast food meals in a day!!) but I was happy that T had such a great appetite today and lately. I guess he's turning 2 fast.

Syifaa' is also getting to be a better sister day by day... Sighhh...
After Zohr and Asr at jamiyah, we went to NTUC to shop for groceries to cook for tomorrow! I made 2kg of mashed potatoes in two big pots! And had an accident with the basi leaves. So it became quite green. Also stir fried the minced beef to eat with the instant Alfredo sauce for tmrw. And then after T had slept, sauteed the fresh sliced white button mushrooms for the pregnant lady.
I was dead beat by the time I turned in. Seemed like the cooking and cleaning are just endless when you're home!! But its still nice maybe nicer than having to go to work. HAHA

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2 glasses of Juice:

Ashley said...

T & Syifaa' so cute... Like in real school.... hahaha

Jussaemon said...

CUTE KAN? LOVE that picture!