Death of the iPod

This morning when he woke up, Tufeil immediately took my iPhone to play, even as Ayah was playing the Wheels on the bus DVD. It made me forget to slip my phone into my bag and i'm totally handphone / internet-less today =( BOOHOOHOO...

Anyway, normally I can retrieve back my iPhone simply by slipping T his iPod but now his iPod is history! It started like this...

I was trying to down a tab of antibiotics when it got stuck in my throat. I was desperately trying to gulp it when it started to melt and was EXTREMELY BITTER I WANTED TO DIE that I didn't think I just spew everything out of my mouth onto the table.

I ran to the sink to wash my tongue and then ran to grab some chocolate milk, then brownie to get rid of that ATROCIOUS TASTE!! By the time I cooled down, Tufeil was trying to get my attention.

Probably an hour or two later, I realised the iPod was swimming in water that I spilt on the table.


Maybe this is an excuse for me to buy a new phone for myself so Tufeil can use the iPhone? hahahahahaha. But hafta wait till april ah now pocket's seriously tight. Before that I will just ask them if its still repairable and how much. AIyoooo

UPDATE:: OK I just googled for some solution if i dropped iPod in water. I was supposed to stick it in a bowl of rice and leave it overnight. I wonder if it would still work now after 3 days. But then again, they also said not to charge it but i did thinking it was just flat battery when it refused to start. DANG IT!

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