Last Swim at Atok's Penthouse

Sat, 5th March 2011.

We went to visit our Grandpa with an ulterior motive. We want to use the condo's swimming pool before they move to another condo with smaller pool! Now I can put Tufeil's new swimming outfit to good use.

Syifaa's Muslimah girl swimming attire

Ok T's all ready complete with swimming diaper and a "swimming trunk" inside

Ly said it looked like a SpiderMan costume.

Playing Hanging upside down.

Well, obviously I didn't take any pictures at the pool itself as everyone of us were in. The first part, Ayah took Tufeil to baby pool while me and Syifaa' at the 1m deep pool. With the help of the noodle, i probably swam like 8 half laps doing Frog style.

I think I should buy that floating jacket for Tufeil lah cos he doesn't like the standard buoy around the waist kind. But it's soooo pricey.. I think $60-80??? Aiyooo

The water was not as cold as the one at Sengkang or other public pools. I'm not sure whether it was because the sun was shining bright (we were there from 10.30 to 12nn) or they really had heater.
Afterwards, we were treated to some rice and assorted dishes for lunch.

Not to mention the kids get to play with their young aunties' and uncles' toys like this one:

He slept on the ride home in the car that day minus the Susu.

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2 glasses of Juice:

Ashley said...

You want that as T's birthday present from me? :)

Jussaemon said...

Er.... Thanks for thinking about his bday... but no thanks? No space in the house already! how about clothes? He's in need of pants and pyjamas... They r all too short for him now... =(