SAHM Day 4 - Cooking.

Sunday 12th Mar 2011

Yesterday was cleaning day so today is Cooking day. While Tufeil was out, I managed to make the usual Meatloaf and mashed potatoes.

It was about 5.30pm, and to fill in the time till bath, dinner and sleep routine time, I decided to let Tufeil handle some cooking material while I made my brownie.

Dough, water, oil and colouring.

We used the cookie cutter and all. For the fun of it, i also baked it for 10min in 175deg celcius. FORGOT TO TAKE PICTURE!!!! It turned out crunchy. I purposely didn't put salt to stop me from eating it and i threw it away soon after.

While I was busy clearing up the kitchen, Tufeil sat in front of the Special Agent OSO and ate a few tiny bites of the uncooked dough and said, "Sedapnye!" (Delicious). *slap forehead*

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