Books Tufeil Loves

As a baby, Tufeil couldn't stand story books. He would always flip the pages ahead and then toss it aside. The only thing that he COULD manage was picture book such as this:

First 100 Animals

For the ones he already knows, I would point to the eg Whale, shark and dolphin and ask him to name it. For new ones, i would ask "Where's Stingray? Seahorse? Lobster?" and he would do the pointing. And after awhile, he would repeat the word after pointing at it.

Another book that he DID enjoy was Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree courtesy of Kak Saria - my ex students' mother.

It is an electronic talking book so Tufeil was often mesmerized by it and would listen carefully. Even then, sometimes he get very impatient and turn the page before The Book can finish reading itself.

Tufeil likes to point to the Eeyore, Owl and even the toytrain, which to be honest I wouldn't have noticed if he hadn't!

His And Syifaa's absolutely favourite part is ... "He and Pooh JUMPED IN!" Whenever we go outside and Tufeil is walking (instead of being pushed in stroller), I would use this "Christopher Robin rannnn and ran..." to get him to move along quickly. Although, Tufeil still doesn't know how to jump yet, he loves that Jumped In part, would stop short and scream the words.

Lately, the battery's gone flat and I had to read it myself, which is better because I can pace myself in tune to what Tufeil likes.

The other book that Tufeil has taken a surprising attachment to is...
Goldilocks and the 3 bears

He loves it when I pretend to get scalded with a searing hisss from the hot porridge and giggle to no end.

I find the illustration very cute and the length of words on each page just right to keep Tufeil interested. He would request for the book every night and would ask to repeat and repeat until I've already memorised it all and would recite WITHOUT the book for the last time before he nod off.

Sadly, it's a library book. So we hafta say goodbye to it soon after 6 weeks of having it in our household. I've been to the library a couple of times before this in search of a good replacement, to no avail. =(

Many moons ago, in the middle of this kinda gripe, I took the impulse of BUYING a book for Tufeil called Johnny the Farm Tractor
Complete with the Squeaky Tractor
It was no use, i think. Tufeil didn't care much for it. The only thing he was looking at were the cows.

The story wasn't interesting enough, like no motive or what. And the sing-song kinda words bore us out. Tufeil is more... the Dialouges kinda guy where I can make voices and act everything up. What a waste of money and it's not very cheap either, if I'm not wrong about $17?

Back to the boardroom (aka library).

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