SAHM Day 6 - Jurong East Pool

Tues, 15th mar 2011

As planned, we headed to the pool as early as 9am. it was quite chaotic in the morning cause firstly, T pooped so I had to bathe him and everything first. Heated the Alfredo sauce n minced beef, then boiled the pasta, then pack the clothes for swimming.

While I was trying to pack the food, T got hungry, so had to feed him mouthful of the pasta in between. Until I gave up and shoved him half a cold sausage instead!

Swimming suits for both of us? Check. Towels, Check. T's new Life jacket, Check. T's Swimming diaper, Check. OH NO! I didn't have a clean diaper to change into!! Luckily, I was just at the lift lobby and rushed back in.

About 20min later, we arrived. And Ly said, "Hey this place looks diff." I vaguely remember the place we went before (much less HOW to get there) but we realised - too late - that this is jurong EAST pool when we imagined we were going to jurong WEST pool, like the last time.

Oh well, it looked nice enough with the slides and playground for kids and all so we decided to give it a go.

T was amused by the kids singing
"When you're happy and you know you make silly face"

Just changed

Just look at the glorious slides!

MOST Unfortunately, it's closed for retiling!!! BOOHOOHOO from 14th Feb - 31st Mar 2011

The Water Playground!! Beware - its 0.5m deep not 0.35 like the kiddy pool

T loved to poke the sprays of water. The water was defly colder than the one at the condo. I'm so grateful that Tufeil didn't mind the temperature.

Initially he resisted wearing the new float/life jacket but for just one minute after that he was fine. He walked around in 0.5m without holding my hand and everything. This, for us, is quite major.

We went into the LAZY River too. I got the buoy and Tufeil sat on me. After 3 rounds, we decided to call it quits. Quite tiring for the ones not on buoy because it was only 0.7 or 0.8m deep. Not deep enough to wade in the current weightlessly.

The the WAVE came! Oh God!! I was like a beached whale lying down on the floor on the water's edge. It was bliss. Unfortunately, Tufeil was not a fan of the sea-like water cos he slipped under for a bit. Oops. The tiles along the wall was also slippery. I slipped too but managed to keep him above water.

It was already 2pm by the time we finally went to get changed. 3hours!!! HAHAHA Including lunch break. Tufeil was crying very hard while I got changed and then changed him. I know he was EXTREMELY Sleepy. The moment I finished packing and carried him, he was OUT like a light.

He didn't even wake up when we transferred him every so often and he stayed down till almost 6pm.. I myself managed a 2hr nap. BLISS!

Tonight was another Sisters night. Everyone was together, watched TV and had dinner, snacked, chatted. Nice.

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