SAHM Day 2 - Hanis Montessori

Fri, 11th March 2011.

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As planned from last month, I paid a visit to Hanis Montessori. It's just behind Fuchun Community Center near to American School. We took a cab there though.

The children were having an End of Term party which means not much studying and a lot of eating. But the principal did show me around before we get down to business.

She showed me the 2-year old corners for sensorial, maths, languages, art & culture. I guess at this particular moment, I don't have any preference as to what kind of curriculum I want for Tufeil. Montessori or otherwise. Except that this one is very individualistic, not much interaction with other kids such as sharing during "study" time. But i guess they should be plenty of other opportunities for that.

What amazed me more was the kids were so.... obedient. They sat down at their own mats for exploration with their own kits. I raised my concern that T might not be able to sit in a room for too long let alone on one spot! the principal explaind that in the beginning, they do tend to wander around but after awhile, they will follow suit as the rest of the clan.

During snack time, they queued for food, sat in the circle marked on the floor and ate quietly. I expressed my worry to Mdm nor that T still doesnt fully know how to eat on his own. Fortunately, the teachers DO feed the younger ones.

I mentioned to Mdm Nor that on tuesdays, my mum attends a class and won't reach home till about 1pm. This could be a problem since the morning session that T's going to starts from 8.30 - 11.30am. I was prepared to not send him to school on tuesdays but the teacher said "oh no problem! He can stay at school till your mum reaches here." At no extra cost. Can you believe it??? I heard childcare centers will penalise parents/guardians for picking up the kids late by 5mins. This is super nice!

I already brought all the docs needed and signed up straight away starting 1st April!!! No point waiting, I suppose. I'd hafta take a few days leave again to accompany him on the first week of school! Can't wait!!

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2 glasses of Juice:

MrsKiyo said...

Dear Sis,

Is your child still under Hanis Montessori. How is the feedback now, thanks.

Jussaemon said...


Yup he's still there in Nursery 2 now. We totally love the environment there. The teachers are patient with him, they have excursions once a month... they have fun worksheets to do at home at no pressure...