SAHM Day 1 - Northpoint w Husainy

Thursday, 10th March 2011

We sent my parents to the airport the previous night. They were going for Umrah for 10 days, and I applied 5 days childcare leave to have some quality time with T at home. Or out, that is.

We met with Mummy Nan & Husainy today. Tufeil was excited kept saying, "Kita nak jumpa Usainy." We took the train with minimum fuss as it was a short 10min journey to Yishun.

The plan was to play at the Wet Playground area but Husainy was asleep. While waiting for him to wake, T played at the dry area first.

He finally got to drive a "real" tractor instead of just a mini toy one

He was also amused by the smiling cow.

He pointed to the tree and said, "Apple tree"
It was coincidentally true.

Ohhh there's a hole under the tree!

Crawling baby on the floor...

O Oh tufeil can't wait any longer and pressed me to let him go to the water.

Tufeil also refused to wear his swimsuit.

I guess he knew it was gonna be hot if he did
It looked a bit silly that only a trickle of water was coming out.
It took about 10min for us to finally get the security guard who told us we had to place our hands on the sensor (the red mini pole).

Ah... there you go...

Another girl in diaper too! Hah~
Turned out Husainy wasn't in the mood to play in the wet area yet. Oh well, that way Tufeil became the Big Brother of the 'Ground. LOL

Just for safekeeping

Lunch at Sakura Thai.
Only managed to take picture towards the end as T was ravenous and I cldn't stop feeding him.

Babies shared Chicken Mui Fan (that's basically like Hor Fun sauce in Rice)

We had a nice booth with padded benches kind so both babies sat comfortably on opposite side of each other. And here, they warmed up to each other as they played with the other's toys. Thank god I remembered to bring a pair of vehicles too.

Luckily, the place wasn't so crowded, so the boys had fun roaming around.

Sampai terbaring2 si Tufeil.

Lunch over = Naptime.

and naptime = shopping time. Although for me it was mostly FOOD. Couldn't miss DOUGH CULTURE's You Tiao! POWER tO THE MAX! and it's only $.80 whereas one piece of fried banana fritter is $1.40 RIDICULOUs!

Thanks Ibu Nan for the advance bday present of Chuggington Puzzle. Tufeil totally digs it. I hope the pieces won't get lost too soon now. LOL

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