SAHM Day 3 - HarbourFront w Syifaa'

Sat, 12th march 2011

Started the day at 8am as T had a super early night previously. I managed to load the laundry, vacuum, mop and hang the laundry (really a major breakthru for me) with Ash's help to play w Tufeil for some of the time.

The first thing we saw as we got out of the carpark of HarbourFront Center is the nice Banquet and had lunch first.

It was close to 1.30pm by the time we almost finished eating and Tufeil actually requested to be transferred from the high chair to the stroller and promptly fell asleep without even being pushed to lull him! I'm amazed! My boy is on the way to self-soothe, yay!!

So.... it's shopping time! That was our intention of going there in the first place cause Mothercare was having a Major sale. and Tufeil got a life jacket courtesy of Aunty Titi, yay!! Thank you.

Saw a totally cute winter jacket in pink in Syifaa's size. Unfortunately, even after the 15% + 15% discount, its probably still at the end of $60 range. So...

I took a picture of it instead.

While Ly was shopping for her second baby's arrival, Syifaa and I and sleeping T explored the rest of HarbourFront Centre.

And then we did Zohr and Asr at Temenggong mosque.

The two rolling around on the lush carpet, in between fighting over one ball.

It was still too early to go home. LOL. Since we were already there, we went back to VivoCity to snack on our murukus at the Sky Terrace overlooking Sentosa Gate. Of course, T couldn't resist the water!!! I did bring a change of clothes, just in case he really really wanted to get wet but thankfully he was contented with just splashing water with his hands.

I totally forgot to take a picture but as we were leaving the waters, I spied something suspicious sitting at the bottom of the water. It looked like a lump of hair or dirt you would see at home (my house anyway). It was greyish green with spots of white... There was something pointy at the end. OH MY FREAKING GOSH! It's a dead decomposed lizard!!! What is it with me and spotting lizards? Dead or otherwise?? *PUKE!!*

Anyways, we headed to the circle of motorised mini vehicles in the playground area.

Tufeil got to finally drive, remoted by me of course. But at least he didn't cry this time despite the jerks.

Syifaa' insisted on riding the horse instead of the car.
It was tiring sey humping on it like exercising non-stop!

Oklah. Almost maghrib now, time to go home.

Tufeil, as if in a trance (see the glazed eyes?), couldn't stop snacking of the muruku in the car.

Finally I broke the spell when I mentioned the word water and he snapped, took his bottle and jumped free!

Syifaa' was besotted by her 1000 Princess Stickers

Syifaa' snapped us.

Pizza hut delivery for dinner.

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