Tufeil's First Day of School!!!

Fri, 1st April (2 years old) It's Tufeil's first day of school at Hanis Montessori!! The van picks him up at 8:05am. Woke up at 7:10am and rushed to get ready. Tufeil didn't really eat a proper bfast. Just some chocolate milk and a few bites of cakes and Nutella sandwich.

He hasn't got his uniform yet so homeclothes for him.

SpiderMan trolley bag from my neighbour.

In the van.

First time Tufeil sat properly and quietly all buckled up.

And why not? Mr Bean is on each row's headrest!

Cool or what the school vans nowadays!

Two sisters sitting behind us.

They were very friendly and "showed" us around like how we can adjust the screen, where to put our shoes and bags.

And the last row were all the boys. I don't know if its coincidental or they are really keeping with the Islamic values.

Theme of the month is Child's Play!

While the kindergarteners sit in their respective rooms, the toddlers play in the centre in an open concept.

We started with checking temperature, mouth, hands and feet.

And then sitting in on that circle on the floor, we sang a few songs and then we proceeded to wash our hands

Totally Tufeil's favourite "chore"

But he has a problem standing still and lining up.

Then, 4 students are chosen to sit on the table, while the rest will sit on the floor with their own "material".

Layout the mats

Tufeil mesmerised by this since the first time he came.

Soon afterwards, the Mudarrisah (Arabic teacher) enticed with to pick a "material" in the Practical Life section

A video of the teacher showing him how to pour green beans into small cups

She really is the spitting image of my cousin NUR only skinnier.

Next, Tufeil picked up the Wet Pouring material
Before he is allowed to play with it, he was shown how to roll the mat and place it in the basket, put on the apron and take a wet mat.

Video of him trying it out.

"pick up lego blocks with tong" Material

Ok Goody! It's tufeil's One to One session.

The teacher was assessing how well Tufeil knows his animals.

I wasn't sure if that was a duck, though. It looked like a swan or goose to me.

We had a break at 9.45am (1hr 15min after checking in). They were given porridge. It's all quite organised that they have planned out their monthly themes, excursions and get this: meal plans thru out the year! I'm so impressed!

I didn't manage to snap any picture during the break as I was busy showing T how to feed himself.

After a host another round of washing hands, it was Tufeil's turn on the floor mat.

He played with animal puzzles and a host of 4 jungle animals on another mat.

They were actually not supposed to share and were supposed to sit quietly on the floor next to their mat. But T was running around, calling Mummy Mummy whenever he finds something amusing. At one point, he was exclaiming "Ya Allah Lion. Ya Allah Giraffe" with hilarity when he stacked them on top each other that the teachers laughed.

They was also another boy who was new too. T came up to him and said without anyone telling him to "Jangan nangis eh?" (Don't Cry ok?)

He was on the floor for so long and so happy doing his own thing that I was beginning to think that I should just start work on Monday. But then I'm still curious as to what else is in store for the rest of the week. My own mum suggested that maybe I shouldn't sit in the whole time but leave early and then let him get on the bus himself but receive him at home. So it would be a gradual transition at the end of the week.

Story Time

I think Fridays are Islamic section so the story time by two different teachers are from the Qur'an and Hadith. The teacher who told the story of Darwish and Daniel the neighbours is very animated. I LIKE!

The last circle time with their bags and all to read doas after learning.

The only issue I have is that even with such a small group of tots (think 1:8 ratio of teacher to student), the teachers couldn't be everywhere at all times to wipe snots or drools or feed the kids.

Can't wait for Monday!!!

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3 glasses of Juice:

Nisa AK said...

Big boy seem to be calm and happy on his 1st day of school!
I like the interesting stuff they do with kids nowadays, so much more hands on than the silly abc and A for apple we used to write and rewrite!! Lol

hajudasan said...

babe T is loving school! and to be honest i think his school set up is so much more fie-er than D punya tau! and i love the different "stations" and the different activities to sharpen their motor skills! LOVE IT!

great choice hot momma! :D

Jussaemon said...

With a big cousin who'd been going to school, he was excited to go too!

I guess montessori IS kinda nice. The only downside is, there are no serious colouring going on - which they can probably pick up later.